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Looking for more restraunts like Prince Kitchen


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How can i find the best

How can i find the best kitchen designer?


I have a group of people

I have a group of people that will be in Shenzhen in April. I have been trying to find a great place to take them all out to dinner. The Prince Kitchen sounds fantastic. Do you know if there are private areas for a cocktail reception and a dinner for 35 people? Any help you can provide in getting a contact number, web address, and/or menu would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you.
[email protected]

Im going to post another

Im going to post another comment about Prince Kitchen just because I like this place so much. This is the coolest restaurant in town. If you have not been there, then you must see it. It is in the Citic Shopping center. Top floor above starbucks. Fricken excellent food. Best atmosphere in town. Lounge music. Perfect for a sophisitcated date. We LOVE this place. I dont know who ownes this place, but man they did a great job designing it.

Here is the address for

Here is the address for Laurel:
1/F, Portofino Club House,OCT Xiang Shan Street,Nan Shan, Shenzhen.
Tel: 26003218

Do enjoy!


Great! Thanks for the

Great! Thanks for the information! I also heard from someone else that Laurel was a good restraunt so I'll go check it out. I tried the Brazilian restraunt in the intercontinental the other day and it was good too. Cheers...

Hey there, These two

Hey there,
These two restaurant: prince and Fu's, I have been there for several times; Prince is more cool due to the dark light,modern design and little raw feeling combines with high class accessories;and for Fu's,more business style,of course the design is also high class and unique, light not dark but soft,one VIP room with Chinese style,see-through curtains,looks so different...

Well,I also like the Laurel restaurant in OCT, the restaurant locates in the lake side,you can sit outside with lake view or inside with high class design; I prefer sit outside, especially during the late afternoon, when sunshine is all over you and some little ducks floating over the lake, looking around, there are some bars and coffee shops over there not far, you can even smell the coffee in the air. What a day!!

One French restaurant in Mix C (Wan xiang cheng --luohu area),but I forgot the name. Once you enter the restaurant, you feel like you are in someone's big house,carpet, chairs, piano,small garden outside,light,paintings, everything look chic and luxury.And for the food, they also won't disappoint you,housewine not bad, don't miss the snail...

ok, that's all for this time,anyone need something else? Just drop me a mail.


Ok if u like prince kitchen,

Ok if u like prince kitchen, head to king glory plaza in louhu and try made in kitchen / supersteak.

Many people have varying opinions, but i have only had good experiences with the steaks at this place, reasonably priced for the class of place ur eating at, and also serve beer by the 3L pitcher! (158rmb).

Steaks pries range form 68rmb - 2000rmb (for a 10 person rib set)

Check it out, u wont be disappointed with the on ein King Glory

Wowzers Batman]

Super Cool Place - I am

Super Cool Place -
I am going to answer my own question in case anyone else wants to know of some upscale restaurants.....

One other restaurant that has about the same atmosphere as Prince Kitch is a French place called "Pipette." Super cool. Glamorous. Stylish. Good lounge music. Located in the Intercontinental Hotel. 9009 Shennan Road. Shenzhen. Phone is 3399-3388. Good place to take a hot date for her birthday. It aint cheap. But then again none of the good places are! Hope someone else enjoys it as much as I did.


Thanks! I'll check it out.

Thanks! I'll check it out. I figured that there had to be some more upscale places but I have not located any of them yet. I just stumbled upon Prince Kitchen by accident. I think that there are some other restaurants by the same name that the other guy was getting confused with. ive seen them around and they are more like fast-food places. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion. I also heard that the Intercontenintal Hotel has some nice restraunts? You know anything about that? Im living around Seaworld and I am finding myself eathing there all of the time and its starting to bore me. I need to explore some more places.

Not sure if I should get

Not sure if I should get into this one, you two are having too much fun.
I have been to Prince, and understand that you like the atmosphere, and that is more important than the food. The atmosphere of Prince is different. You might try Fu's Fusion Restaurant at the 999 Royal Suites. It is on the second floor of the hotel, but has it's own outside entrance. It is very modern in atmosphere, very "up-scale" but maybe not so dark and intimate as Prince. But it is distinctive.

999 Royal Suites Hotel is located next to the old 999 Hotel. All taxi drivers will understand if you ask for 3-9 hotel, in Mandarin. The address is 1001 East Shennan Road. weib site is


You must be kidding!

You must be kidding! Gypsies in Shekou? I think you have been to the wrong Prince Kitchen. Gypsies is great if your out to check out the fat expat wives around Shekou. But no thanks for me. The Prince Kitchen that I am talking about is in Citic. Gypsies is not even in the same class dude! Wake up and smell the coffee!

Anybody else know what I am talking about?

Wow... the princes Kitchen

Wow... the princes Kitchen is not even a great restruant! Head to Amigeo's in Louhu or Shekou, gypsies in Shekou...The german restruant on Hong Li Lu and Xiang mei lu. There is much better restruants that the prince, which is overpriced anyway..... also many great chinese restruants, suited for a westerners taste, the grey wolf in OCT or on Huafu shu fung... all he addresses are in this site...

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