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Looking for a job

Hello,sir or madam.

I'm a applicant  from nanshan district,I want to find a job which can let me use english simple self-introduction as follow, if you are interested in my experience and ability, please feel free to contact me ,I will give you my detailed imformation.

My name's Johnny and graduate from Hubei Technical and Vocational College, my major is numerical control. I have worked in Shenzhen for more than two years. From my past experience and my various aptitude displayed in flexible English ability as well as proficient computer skills prepare me as a qualified candidate, I believe that I will make a positive contribution to your company.

For past two years, I work in a professional mold company, my position is project engineer assistant, my main task is help our manager, manage foreign projects, our customers like, Trimble USA, Trimble Japan, Schneider etc. These help my communication skills and project management skills improve greatly.
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I look forward to hearing from you by near future.

if you are not a employer, it doesn't matter, we can also become friends and share our experience together, anyway ,I really welcome everybody's beneficial comments ,

my contact ways:
 email: [email protected]

   Tel: 13530687082


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Did you found the job?

Did you found the job?

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