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Looking for English restaurant in Shenzhen

I'm on a mission to look for an English restaurant in Shenzhen for my English boss, or a good western restaurant which can serve traditional English roasted dinner.
I've been looking on the website but couldn't find any which mention about serving English food. Can someone who knows this information please give me a hand? (Otherwise I will have to learn to cook English food which is definitely a big nut for me...even though,I still need to find the restaurant...)
Help please!

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Just remember guy, You can't

Just remember guy,
You can't always eat the same things everyday anyway.
When your boss is tired of the norm, take him to my place for a good old fashion American Burger(could be called an English Burger if we go back far enough anyway...Right?).Add: Nantang Shangye Square A165, Dongmen, Luohu. Cnr Shennan Fudao and Yongxin St.

The CowBoy

Give me a call at Gypsys

Give me a call at Gypsys mate and I will set you right. I don't know what constitutes "Australian food", but I come from a land down under where we have over 100 ethnic group making up our little 20 million population. Gypsys serve a very cosmopolitan mix of food. You can have a serve of Calamari to a burger, a Greek Salad, a rack of lamb, a whole roast chicken,to fish and chips, souvlakis, pizzas, pasta, and even a few curries, mate. All our western meals are served with fat chips, fries, or mashed potatoes with veges or salads. The Chinese people think we suck becaue we do not specialise in particular ethnic group.
Oh, BTW with respect to the comment from our Korean/American friend, "hanee" on 23/2, don't be too put off by his whinge. Unfortunately he picked one of our waitresses who is from Outer Mongolia and surprise surprise do NOT speak Chinese, but only Engrish, French, Spanish and Mongolian. Our Chinese customers constantly chastise her for not speaking Chinese, hence the BA, and dog beaten look. Anyway I've clipped her over the left ear lug and she should smarten up in future.
Oh and our other waitress all speak English so you don't need to speak Chinglish to them. Most of them have been enslaven to us for 5 years and know the difference between a bagel and a baguette and can pour a beer, mix you a G&T, or a dry martini and I promise, won't deliver you your soup, steak and ice cream all at the same time.
Call us on 2668 2657

GYPSY's food is decent, but

GYPSY's food is decent, but service SUCKS!!!!
even though food is good, their service makes me not want to go there. theres a waitress there that takes orders with her hands in her pocket. who does that? and as for me im korean-american, therefore i can speak english, but when i go with my korean friends i speak in chinese, they respond in english as if they cant speak chinese, oh and btw they CANT speak english! and then when i respond in english they roll their eyes. when i ask for something, they roll their eyes. they look like people that dont want to be working or people that think they're to good for the place. i go in with a good mood, but when i come out, i come out pissed. im sorry i just HAD to vent about service at gypsy's somewhere, and i guess i found the thread to do it?

so i suggest that if you go to gypsy's expect TERRIBLE service, its a shame that their food is prolly one of the decent western restaurants in shenzhen.

I think the closest is the

I think the closest is the McCawleys, but it looks more Irish, they do do roast chicken with gravy, just don't know where you can get Aunti Bessie's Yorkshire pudding from. LOL

It's not in Shenzhen, but

It's not in Shenzhen, but there is a traditional English Pub called One for the Road in Dongguan that serves great food and has an extensive menu.

hey where is my invite

hey where is my invite lol!
[Wowzers Batman]
[email protected]

How about a beautiful tender

How about a beautiful tender roast rack of Aussie lamb with gravy, mint sauce, baked vegetables, peas and fresh crunchy bread.Dessert of bread and butter pud.or cheesecake.
Salad starters as well.Cheese and bikkes of course.

I could organise that at my place if you like. I live in Futian opposite Coco Park shopping centre.
Might cost you though!!!!!
Maybe some Wolf Blass Aussie really good red wine and a Drambuie or whatever, and some pleasant conversation. No $$$ though.I just enjoy cooking western food.

Either McCawleys or Gypsy's

Either McCawleys or Gypsy's would do if in Shekou. I would lean to Gypsy's if you want a restaurant though the food is probaly more Australian than UK. McCawleys is more like a pub even though it has a dining room.
Mama's food is more Lebanese/Mediteranean but as stated a it is popular with English and Aussies.

try mama's at shekou,

try mama's at shekou, popular with the english

doner kebabs, pizzas and other food popular with the english

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