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Letter To the Editor: In Town for a Few days where to go?

On 5/2/07, Hitesh Sharoff wrote: Hey just browsing your web site, im in shenzhen for a few days and wanna party all nights, can you tell me where to go tonight ? i like hip hop and english speaking people ! :) good crowd and lots of it! cheers thankz

Dear Hitesh, The most popular place for Hip Hop is probably Richy right now but you won't find English speakers there. U Bar is another popular hip hop destination and more people speak English at this one but it is only busy on weekends. Other venues doe not play strictly hip hop so you will get a mix of hip hop and house. Other contributers are free to comment here.

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last weekend just got here

last weekend just got here in shenzhen, went to richy and saw some expats, the place was pumping, just like guandii weekend back in shanghai. will check more hiphop venues, see whats going on here.

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