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Krispy Kreme on the way, but will it be successful?

Krispy Kreme has announced it has plans to expand from it's Hong Kong location into mainland China, with Shenzhen being the first mainland city to host the rich donut-maker. The China Economic Review reports:

"We are negotiating with the franchisor but nothing has materialized yet," said Jim (Krispy Kreme's Hong Kong CEO). "Shenzhen is a migrant city, many are from the north, and the people are more receptive to fried products."

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The one in Hong Kong is now

The one in Hong Kong is now closed. So curious as to whether or not KK plans to go ahead with the SZ shop.

The one in HK is terrible.

The one in HK is terrible. Tastes nothing like the US stores. They don't even offer a donut with the "kreme" filling Krispy Kreme is known for. That's a like McDonalds not having a Big Mac. I don't eat there more than a couple of times a year so I wouldn't even care if it was here.

What Shenzhen needs in the way of American food are the following -

More Subways, a real Hamburger place that isn't McDonalds, throw in a Hooters since they are in Shanghai and Beijing anyway.

and completely unreasonable wishful thinking would be a Chipotle and a Which Wich

oh yeah

oh yeah

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