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Italians run restaurant with a passion

OUT of a passion for the catering industry, Giulio Cinisi (better known to his friends as Giulio) and his friends Benedetto Stella and Enzo Lamacchia, have long dreamed of bringing real Italian food to Shenzhen.

When Giulioi, from Milan, Italy, came to Shenzhen about five years ago to work for a five-star hotel under the OCT Group, he first became the manager of the hotel’s Italian restaurant. He was soon promoted and became the hotel’s manager of Western restaurants.


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Last Saturday i has dinner

Last Saturday i has dinner in Milano with 3 chineses friends and was the first time i saw them enjoy western food.
Congratulation to the kitchen!

It's not only the food...

It's not only the food... These guys will really make you feel home! Giulio's attention is always a plus, but the rest of the staff also performs an excellent job: Enzo, Benedetto, Rosa, Crystal...
Nice conversations, delicious pizzas, marvelous salads and good wine.. Without a doubt, Milano is the best italian restaurant in town!

Hi Giulio,it is nice to see

Hi Giulio,it is nice to see you on the news! Best wishes to you! I will come soon.

Yeah, any opportunity I get

Yeah, any opportunity I get to say something nice about Milanos I like to take advantage of it. Great article you found there Scott. I'm heading over there tomorrow with a friend for lunch. Some great great pizza and there grilled chicken salad (I think they call it their chef salad) is nice. The place also has such a nice environment for bringing a date or a good friend. As more people find out about Milanos, it is gonna get really packed. Best take advantage of this while they build a larger group of customers.

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