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IRL vs ENG Six nations


I'm in Shenzhen from Feb24th onwards, will McCawley's be showing the six nations match between IRL and ENG on Sunday 28th? It's a 5:30pm GMT kickoff.....or do I have to go to Hong Kong to watch it?


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Sorry Conor, just saw the

Sorry Conor, just saw the post!

Yes, McCawley's is open for all 6 Nations matches (We even stayed open for the France v Wales game which kicked off at 4am!!)

If you check out our website - - our sports schedule is on there on the right hand side. If the match you want is listed its on live with english commentary. If its not listed drop us a line and we'll make sure to show it!

We're busy installing a new sat system which will actually let you choose any game you want to watch - it will allow us to simultaneously broadcast up to 10 different sports events!

BTW - we usually shut at 3.00AM, so don't worry about games not being on!

Thanks Conor - I was just

Thanks Conor - I was just wondering if they stay open until ~3:30am on Sunday as it is a 1:30a kickoff.

I would think MacCawleys

I would think MacCawleys will be showing the game. They have shown all Six Nations games so far, with English commentary.
X ta Sea also show the rugby games but not sure of commentary.

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