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Increase in prices in Louhu and Futian

Whats with the bars raising their prices lately?

3D bar
was: 8 beers for 100rmb
Now: 6 beers for 120rmb

Ibiza (from a friend)
was: 15 for tsingdao
now: 30 for tsingdao

i understand inflation, but is inflation really 50% in shenzhen at the moment?

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Everything is increasing a

Everything is increasing a lot now.. I don't feel the food is expensive in Shenzhen last two years. But i feel it's increase a lot just these months..sound be crazy..why our salary not increasing...? too bad ! they salary already increased in Korea..when it will coem to China ? the goverment in China should do somthing to solve this problem . anyway..the govermnet is not nice here...

I'm assuming the bars just

I'm assuming the bars just gouging us. By the way, the 3D bar any good?

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