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I'm looking forward to the Bar Street/Shopping Area across from Coco Park

Many on their way to Marco Polo from the subway at Gou Wu Gong Yuan must see the somewhat empty mall directly across from Coco Park. In recent months, I'm sure from the increasing popularity of Coco Park, the people in charge of that somewhat dead shopping plaza have been taking steps to update it. Slapped on a fresh coat of white, fixed the bus station entrance, and have had some new bars and restaurants set up shop. The first bar to take up shop was Eve Bar mentioned on the Home Page by Scott Welsh of Shenzhenparty. This is the bar/club right across from Coco Park Under the huge Electonic display that shows videos reminiscent of the visualisations for music in Windows Media Player. The Shopping Center it is located in doesn't have alot of stuff opened, but keep your eyes open. I think at least 3 or 4 more bars are opening in it. Most Recently Happy Ocean has opened and it is a nice chill place sporting some nice discounts on drinks and food for their opening. The owner, who's name eludes me(sorry) told me he lived in France for a while and wants to bring some of there style to China. It looks a bit like the Sichuan restaurant(which has nice food and looks really nice)located across from it sporting an outdoor area with lots of umbrellaed tables. Next to Happy Ocean there is a big, clear, multi-level, glass greenhouse looking building that is going to be a club. This shopping center is also where the Trattoria Italiana Da Angelo is opening up later this month or next month(I think at least next month). There is also a Hong Kong bbq/outdoor bar next to the location for Angelos which looks nice very well put together for the ir small size. Also on the other side of it another bar is being built. So much work is going into it, I think it is gonna be really great. The biggest killer, though, is people, or the lack there of. A huge building or set of buildings is set to open up right across from it and I'm sure once that gets in there, this place is gonna really take off. Till then, support the bars and restaurants in there like Happy Ocean which as mentioned earlier, have some drink specials and food specials this week and anyone else in there. I have no interest in this other than hoping more entertaining things can start happening here in Shenzhen:D

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Check out the thread titled

Check out the thread titled "Bannish The Demon" and ut your thoughts about demon in there:)
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I had the displeasure of

I had the displeasure of going to coco park for the first time last night.

I ate in the banana curry place and everything was awful.

We ordered 2 "thai "green curries (one chicken and one beef) and prawn noodles.

In addition we ordered 1 shrimp cake and one fish cake and garlic bread for starters.

When we sat down they put cucumber and pigs ear on our table, I asked if they were free and was told yes.

My beef curry came and it was basically the fattiest meat I have ever seen and was quite frankly inedible.

My friends "thai" chicken curry was basically hainan chicken stuck in a bowl of green curry sauce, more as an after thought than part of the dish.

The garlic bread arrived and was nothing more that sliced french bread with a little bit of normal butter in it. I sent it back to have garlic put on it and the be toasted. It never cam back.

The shrimp cakes arrived ok.

The prwan noodle arrived with basically 2 tiny prawns mixed in with the noodles.

After an hour sitting there I told the waiter that we didn't want the two starters that were nowhere to be seen and asked for the bill.

He came back 15 minutes later and said as we had ordered the garlic bread and fish cakes we couldn't cancel them and they were now ready - I told him where to shove it and aksed him if he knew what a starter was.

After much back and forth they brought the bill including 6RMB for the so called "free" cucumber and pig's ear. They also charged for the water.

After complaining to the manager that under Shenzhen law if they intended to charge for the apparently free things they give you, it must be displayed prominently on the menu; which it wasn't.

I have been living in shenzhen for a month and I simply cannot believe the way that restaurants here try to screw every last penny out of customers while providing basically no value.

I had a drink in Oslo bar after that and ordered a vodka, only to be told I couldn't have coke with it unless I bought a whole can for 20RMB again ridiculous and then again in Demon were we received nothing short of service with a snarl.

Granted that Demon was busy, but come on, 22RMB for a coke, has no-one here heard of large bottles of coke or post mix machines??

Is it really to much to ask for a little service to go with the obligatory service charge?

Do you have any more info on

Do you have any more info on the restaurant besides that? It seems you replied to this thread but the restaurant you want isn't related to what was written. There is a restaurant called Mao Jia that just opened in this mall last month. From what I've heard the food is good but mostly is spicy. I've walked through and it looks really nice. Located on the 3rd floor of that shopping mall across the street from Coco Park on the side with the Starbucks and subway entrance.

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Mao it any

Mao it any good? I have some friends from Australia that read about it and would like to go. Does anyone know if the food's good? They love kitsch does it stack up?
Also, where is it?

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