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How was everyone's Halloween?

How was everyone's Halloween night? Where was the best party? Who had the best costume? Post your comments below.

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I had fun in mc cawleys,

I had fun in mc cawleys, Good music, good food, great people and awesome costumes. I did like the sexy dark angel, she's way too hot but I heard she's the guitarist's wife. Anyways, after a long hours of drinking and enjoying the music of Mind the Gap, we decided to go to d'club to hook up with some girls. It was a great halloween in Shekou.

I found a blog post about

I found a blog post about Halloween at Central Walk:

After a week of showing "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" to my students, it was time for my party.

In years past, I have gone to Minerva's in Wisconsin. She and her hubby have a house outside of town so we can have bon fires, too much sugar, and lots of beer and crash out, all while bothering no one. This is the first year I missed her party since 2003. Part of me is sad to miss it, because it is such a looked-forwarded-to tradition, but such is life.

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Vbar was so much fun! The

Vbar was so much fun! The staff were amazing as usual. Even though it was crazy busy my friends and i were taken care of very well! All the staff were dressed up. The guys looked great and the girls looked super sexy. It was a GREAT party!

My Halloween

My Halloween Experience

Pupo, D'Club, MacCawleys

I organized a meetup of friends from We decided to go to the party at Pupo Bar near Coco Park. It was advertising a mix of 12 musicians to be playing rock and a few other styles as a jam session. I thought it might be a nice change of pace from Shekou's scene and one of my friends was supposed to be playing with his band. Well, it was a change, but for the worse. Things I was expecting to be there they mentioned in the ad weren't there. I asked the organizer in a very calm way if there was supposed to be a face painter for my friends, I was met with a very simple, aggressive sounding "There's supposed to be." And then silence until I said "Well?" and the guy was like "That wasn't my responsibility. Sorry."(said in a very non-caring way). So that guy's apparent responsibility, was to get some bands and talk up a pretty lame party. The bands weren't to blame, they came and did their thing, but it just wasn't organized very well. I am maybe being a little hard on the guy. Maybe he tried his best, did what he was supposed to and the rest of his "team" came up short, but I would have liked to have heard that and not have been dismissed the way I was. Hardly anyone was dressed in costumes, so maybe 4 people could have won. Who knows if they even had a contest, I doubt they did. We left an hour into the party for Shekou.

We first stopped by MacCawley's. To meet up with a few friends. Mind the Gap was rocking the house and many a costumed partygoer were having fun. So much that it was too packed for my liking. Our group of about 25 split up some braving the overcrowded Irish Pub, while my group heading on over to D'Club.

D'Club is a pretty fun club and bar. A mix of hip hop and dance in the main hall half, and older and newer pop hits in the other half. Some of my friends enjoyed going in for the hip hop while some of my other friends had a good time going around taking pictures with people in their cool costumes, or just hangin around talking and drinking at our outdoor table. We did that for a while and then headed back to MacCawley's.

MacCawley's was still hoppin. It was crowded but you could now make your way around the place much easier. I think we had the most fun there. Great music and some great costumes. I especially liked the sexy policewoman, and the girl dressed as a unicorn:) We finished up the night there and ended up being almost the last people to leave. All in all, it ended up being a good night out with great people.

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