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How to report a general problem with the web site?

When emailing us at [email protected] for problems, please always specify your Account Identity and also you email address used on the account.

  1. Web Browser & Version (for example Internet Exploer 7.0)
  2. Operating System Platform (for example Mac OS X 10.5.6)
  3. Internet Service Provider (for example Topway for Cable Modems or China Telecom for ADSL)
  4. Please specify what anti virus software you have installed
  5. Please let us know approximately what time the problem occured.
  6. Copy and paste any error message you see on the screen.
  7. Please send a full screen shot if you know how to capture your computer's screen.

If you provide the wrong ID or Email then we can not help with your problem.

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Please try again problems

Please try again problems should be fixed.


David Parker
[email protected]
7.00pm Sunday 15th March
Logged in. Cannot send a message from classified section. Asks me to login again. Tried several times.

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Company: ASC Fine Wines
Job Title: Sale Manager
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Member For: 13 years 6 weeks ago