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how to get to know key-man in the big company or factory?

I established one logistic service company at the beginning of this year,it supply building maintanence、office and workshop decoration\renovation ,design and plan for factory and so on,and our customer just for foreign company or corporation,so i want to get to know some key man in this kind of corpration,but up to now i find it is so diffcult to capture thier contact method,so i hope every friends can supply it to me if you know those key men or you are ,i am very happy to see your considerment or reply.
thank you so much!

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I can help you when I am in

I can help you when I am in China. I am in Australia now . I know people in USA and other countries. For now , perhaps my assistant, Jasmine can help you. She is in SZ. I gave her many advice before. You can call her at 15013471450. She is looking for a new job in SZ. I think that if you help her , she will also help you with your goals.

Just call her and tell her Steven told you to call.
I will be in China in 1 week. Good luck.

want to know more friends

want to know more friends who belong to big company,they can help me perform business in the side of logistic,workshop or factory renovation oe innovation\decoration \plan and design and so on

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