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holy week catholic mass

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Hi.. Will there be any catholic masses this holy week? What about in Shekou or in Futian. If anybody know about the mass schedule (if any ) please let me know.. The information will be highly appreciated..

Thank you very much.

God bless us all.

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yes.this sunday is

yes.this sunday is's church, futian, shenzhen. english mass 11am.

Hello, I would like to attend

Hello, I would like to attend a catholic mass (ascension) in Shenzhen. is there any in English? Where? What time? Thanks for your reply

Yes it is called St.Anthony

Yes it is called St.Anthony Parish Church...In Nonglin Road near Sam's World. The english mass starts at 11am. This mass will actually commence today April 19. 'Cause before it just has been a bilingual mass celebration. So the english speaking community attending the mass there "worked" for a separate english mass.Please share this good news! =)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Good news!
Please be informed that the full English mass services at St. Anthony Church in Nong Lin Lu will officially start this Sunday, April-19 at 11:00am.
The English mass will now be celebrated weekly. Thanks be to God. In this regard, we are looking for volunteers to the following ministries:
1) Lectors / Commentators / Readers
2) Offerers / Collectors / Ushers
3) Acolytes / Altar or Priest assistants
4) Choir members
*(Please get in touch with members from the English choir for orientations) Have attached the church map for directions and which buses to ride. We hope for your support and hope to see you all starting this Sunday. Yours in Christ,

Hi, there is a big Catholic

Hi, there is a big Catholic church next to Sam's store on the outskirts of Futian. It's called St. Anthonys I think.It's about 25 mins by bus from Coco Park Futian which is near the Marco Polo Hotel.
Search the web for Catholic Churches Shenzhen.Happy Easter.

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