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High end Shekou nightlife and dining

Can anyone reccommend any good restaurants and bars that are high end and cater for western tastes?

I have some wealthy high end clients coming to the area and need entertaining in November.

The clients will be mostly male and range between 30 and 55.

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Thai Orchard provides

Thai Orchard provides authentic Thai cuisine prepared by Thai chefs in a relaxed but elegant environment. Thai food suits both western and Chinese tastes plus we have a good value wine list.

We can tailor the event to your requirements.

give me your email and I'll

give me your email and I'll contact you directly.
depends how high end you would like to go, but you won't be let down.

Oh yeah, take them to

Oh yeah, take them to Gypsy's for Dorito nachos-real high end (*rolls eyes).

If you're really looking to take your clients to a high end western food establishment, I wouldn't suggest any place in Shekou. The restaurants there do a good job catering to foreigners, but high end they are not.

In addition to Pipette, I would also like to suggest Oscar's Steakhouse at the Holiday Inn on Nanhai Blvd (it's between Haiya dept store and Shenzhen Univ). Even though the Holiday Inn is not 5 star quality, I'd say Oscar's is on par with the fancier steakhouses of the US.

Happy Entertaining!

I would suggest to go to

I would suggest to go to Intercontinental Hotel, French restaurant Pipette is really good,in Shekou i would say Casablanca or Luna bar and restaurant.Luna since its my bar and restaurant but we do serve really nice steaks and we have the best interiour design. But for really nice food i would say Pipette!! or call 15999692721

Gypsys known for their good

Gypsys known for their good food, good service, good selection of wines, all at affordable prices. Great food menu. Casual and relaxing dining experience.
Terrace is also good, mainly Thai food with Western as an aside unless they have recently changed. Great live music, balcony sitting available.
Not been to Casablance of late but word on the street is that food presentation is beautiful, portions small and expensive, only French wine available. Service poor due to constant staff turnover and poor product knowledge by new staff.
If you want to pose and part with your money, any of the Five STar hotels will assist you. Generally food is well presented but portions miniscule and frightingly expensive - you probably will want Maccas afterwards. Most of us go there once a year or on special occassions when we are footing the bill. If the company is paying, most of us will go there anytime. The wines and drinks prices are off this planet. Invariably you and your high flying mates will be accompanied by a smattering of house guests, who have to eat there.

Lot's of decent Western food

Lot's of decent Western food in Shekou these days. For great Western food, you might want to take your clients to either Gypsy's or The Terrace. Gypsy's is an Australian-owned restaurant that specializes in Western food. The Terrace is actually and live-music bar and restaurant with authentic Thai and Western food. The Terrace is a bit more casual than Gypsy's but the food is excellent and the outdoor balcony is a comfortable place to eat and enjoy the view. If your clients feel like hanging out and having a drink after diner, The Terrace has great band that plays nightly. There certainly other restaurants as well, but these are the ones I'm most familiar with. Good luck!

redr27 also sent us an email

redr27 also sent us an email asking:

What Five star hotels are in the area?

There aren't many five star hotels in Shekou that are worth checking out. Kempinski is the closest worth mentioning but they don't have anything that your age group would like. You might want to venture over to OCT for the Intercontinental Hotel. They have a lot of high end restaurants including Pipette.

I strongly recommend

I strongly recommend Casablanca Restaurant as well as ML Catering (Casablanca).
Tel: 2667 6968

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