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Having a baby in SZ

I'm Canadian and I'm going to be having a baby in SZ, where I'm moving next month. Are there any international hospitals, or where doctors and nurses can speak English? How about Guangzhou? Any help would be appreciated. This is my first baby.

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Hi I was searching this site


I was searching this site for any other canadians having a baby here in sz. I have a few questions concerning legalities and registering for canadian citizenship, etc...

can you please send me an email so we can discuss this/?  I would really appreciate the help.


[email protected]


Hi we are looking to have our

Hi we are looking to have our first baby in sz and i am wondering which hospital is the best option, we have looked at a couple but they are very expensive. If anyone has any good advice it would be much appreciated

is someone who knows this

is someone who knows this hospital?

name is shenzhen mather and children hospital or may be shenzhen home hospital
The address of our hospital is NO.12018, Shen Nan road Nan Shan District. near in shenzhen-shekou

the web site is

they said 40 000 rmb for caesarian,

I'm planing to have my baby

I'm planing to have my baby in Shenzhen in Dec. The woman and children hospital in Hongli Rd has VIP rooms and you can take your husband with you. But it is so expensive and I think still far away from the standards I know. does anybody know where the Nanshan Hospital is I would like to go there 1 time to check it out. I have seen so many nice hospitals during my time in Shanghai and feel so sad about the situation here.

Can anyone tell me how much

Can anyone tell me how much it is to deliver in Hong Kong public or private? I am currently living in Beijing and it has become more than frustrating for me to have my baby here, this is my first child. I'm a foreigner and would like to deliver in Hong Kong but have no Hong Kong ID, does this pose a problem? 

The hospital that did my check up gave me a package and the price was 25k for delivery as at March now in July the price went up to 30k. I asked why I wasn’t informed they gave me no reply. Now I am in the process of seeking a new hospital here in Beijing. I'm being told by the hospitals that I have contact that I cannot be accepted as I am too far ahead in my pregnancy. I’m now approaching 36wks

Can someone advise on delivery options in Hong Kong and the cost to do so since I am a foreigner?



I just heard from one of my

I just heard from one of my friends about the Clifford Hospital in Guangzhou.  I'm not sure of the prices, but the place looks great!  They have an English website with information about a VIP delivery room with Western equipment.  I hope this helps!

Sammy, I've seen your post on

Sammy, I've seen your post on another blog, and I'm wondering pretty much the exact same thing.  When I get back to China, I will have three months to find somewhere.  I was hoping good things from the Shenzhen University Hospital, but after your comments, I'm not so sure!  One of my main concerns is having my husband there.  Does anyone know if that's possible in Shenzhen? 

I am pregnant and have been

I am pregnant and have been looking for a suitable hospital where I can give birth. I've been to Nanshan hospital, where there is a nice doctor who speaks some English, but I won't be able to have my fiancee with me for the birth. I went to Beijing University Hospital but they were very unhelpful. I went up to the 6th floor VIP clinic and asked to see a doctor and they sent me back and forth trying to find a nurse who spoke English. When I finally found one I told her I was 7 weeks pregnant and would like to see a doctor. She told me that there wasn't anyone who could translate for me and that I would have to go to see the doctor by myself. I told her I only spoke a little Chinese and that the doctor wouldn't be able to understand me she just agreed and told me that maybe there would be someone to help me tomorrow. I asked her if I could ask her a couple of questions because I was thinking  I might have the baby at this hospital, she screwed up her face and looked at me like I was a moron and said, "You can't have the baby here now, it's too small!"  That made me decide that Beijing University Hospital wasn't the place for me!

I still would like to find somewhere I can have my fiancee with me. I'm even wondering about a home birth. Has anyone had any experience with that in China? Also does anyone know whether or not I will be able to put my fiancee's name on the birth certificate if we aren't married? We have been planning a big wedding in Australia in 2011 and would rather wait than have a civil ceremony in Hong Kong before the baby is born, but if it makes life easier.....


Hi !I do agree HK hospitals

Hi !
I do agree HK hospitals are beautiful and they count with well experienced doctors with excellent English, I have been living in shenzhen for 3 years now and gave birth to my 2 kids here having a great experience.
I went to hong kong for the medical checks twice and then once more to know the sex of the baby ! (In china it's illegal for doctors to tell this information to parents due to the massive pecentage of abortation when it's a girl )
With my first boy : I was told by the doctor , it was a boy as i took my passport and my husbands ,but i believe it depends on the doctor and besides it was a boy so they did'nt bother keepiong the secret jajaja !
With my baby girl, who is just 5 months i was'nt told , so i guessed right away it was a she!
My Doctor was a young but experienced woman, she could speak an acceptable english !
Both my friend and I had the babies at the same hospital from the same doctor and we have had  no problems or pains or anything! i even got back to walk from the C section faster thatn what i expected !
I gave birth to David in hospital in hua qioao cheng Hospital near windows of the world . it;s new and clean but they have no single rooms ! so  when giving birth to Valentina we wentBeijing University hospital for the check ups as we live near it. and  to Nanshan Hospital which is specialized in obstetrics to give birth ! it was excellent ! we payed for a private nurse to help us and for a private room , it's kind of a hotel , so you'll feel comfortable! hope it helps .
 If you need any other information ! just ask ! id be glad to help !!! congratulations for your baby !! and WELCOME TO SHENZHEN !

we just had our 3 month old

we just had our 3 month old daughter delivered at a very plain hospital HMO in Los Angeles. My wife was terrified of trying to do it in SZ all alone.

I really recommend to any new parents, my best and friendliest advice, have the baby where you have your support system. Like parents, friends etc.. that can help you and secondly, in a facility you feel comfortable with...

As a new father, i can't tell you the fears and nightmares i had, before the delivery, partly because we were planning our move to SZ and mostly because i wanted my baby to be lucky and healthy and happy. Our delivery went very smooth, although my company was amazingly helpful in giving us as much paid time off as we wanted.

The retrospective thoughts after reading this forum for couples on the cusp of delivery, is really 1) support system , 2) comfort with facility and hospital staff and then 3) cost.

I am still planning on paying the next 2 years of US Health Insurance premiums, because my family is my most important priority over the cost and knowing if there is something that cannot be handled medically, we would fly back to LA and take help of family and friends and use the health insurance to make sure we are safe and healthy.

I hope to be able to admit in 2 years time, that I wasted the cost of 2 years of expensive US health insurance because we stayed happy and healthy in SZ the entire time.

Hope my advice helps and does not offend anyone. All the Best!

My wife and I live in

My wife and I live in Shenzhen and are trying to figure out where to have a baby: SZ, HK, or USA. Shenzhen would be the most convenient, but I have some concerns about the quality of care. I speak limited Chinese and my wife is Chinese. Has anyone here had a baby this year in Shenzhen?

hi i also prignent.and i

i also prignent.and i leave in shenzhen only 3 month.
i can't deliver my baby in i looking for any information about delivery in shenzhen
i will glad to speak with u,if u can

What is this pension benefit

What is this pension benefit for foreigners you are talking about?

I heard they were going to introduce it as a trial in Shanghai earlier this year but nothing has happened as far as I know.

Where do you find out the details?


i would prefer SZ...SZ is my

i would prefer SZ...SZ is my home for almost 6 years.Though I have my previous prenatal check up in HK (which the total amount may enough to pay all expected expenses for my delivery here SZ)...I went to HK just to make sure I will get the right prenatal medicine and medical test. But I dont think I could afford the $40,000 normal deivery 3 bedroom package.Im not after HK ID or citizenship anyway. Now that SZ offer pension/medical benifits to (registered)foreigner, this is my chance to use this benefits (after all taxes I have paid to China for years and pension contribution for almost a year now). This was guaranteed by our company...whether it will work as they said Im confident that giving birth will not be a problem at all. I will deliver my baby in Beijing University Hospital in Lianhua Bei.

i made a big mistake to have

i made a big mistake to have a baby here in shenzhen the doctor here are just kids and dont know what they are doing also the hosp. rooms here are not pvt and the nurse does not take care of your wife you have to do i dont mind that i have to do it the room is not clean am from the us and my wife is from the philippines if i was you go to hong kong it better care

total cost is around 6000.

total cost is around 6000. including 5 days stay after the C-cut and pre natal check up. earlier it would have costed you around 8000, but seems the cost of inpatient in hospitals has been drastically reduced.

birth certificate is in english + chinese. since my kid was born in shenzhen. i had to go to Indian consulate in BJ...however now indian consulate has been opened up in GZ... so that is cool. they will make the passport within one day ... you give application with all supportive documents in the morning and by evening your kid's passport will be ready. but i aint sure if you are indian national. :)

removing the message

removing the message

I am also expecting and

I am also expecting and wondering whether I should go to HK for the delivery or do it in Shenzhen. Most of my friends have recommended HK, but I am leaning toward Shenzhen.

Does anyone know if babies born in HK are entitled to HK residency, even if none of the parents are HK residents?

Deepak, I would also like to know about the total cost of delivering in Shenzhen, including pre-natal doctor visits. Also, did you get the birth certificate in Chinese? And did you have to go to the Indian consulate in HK for the baby's passport?

Thanks for your help

Thanks for your advice. I

Thanks for your advice. I don't know where Luibu is but I'll check about it. It would be far more convenient to have the baby in SZ, with medical checks and all... I heard that in China most people end up having c-sections, whereas in HK, they leave it more up to the individual. That's one of my concerns. Could I ask about total costs? If you don't want to write it here you can email me at [email protected].
Thanks a lot~



Hi I have just a got a 3

I have just a got a 3 year contract in Shenzhen, my wife are not pregnant right now, but we might want to have our second child within the next 3 years.
Therefore we would like to talk to someone who had experience about giving birth in an SZ hospital.
Hope to hear from you.

If you want to move to HK

If you want to move to HK hospital, you have to book a time first, since HK hospitals now are quite full recent years, coz some Chinese pregnant women also go there; and you'd better to choose a private hospital,price wise is higher, but worth it. On the other hand, your baby will have HK ID card once he/she is borned according to HK policy. HK hospitals have much more experiences on foreingers having baby in HK, when you visit the Adventist hospital, they will let you know. Don't worry.

Congrates and good luck!


I'm living in Shenzhen for

I'm living in Shenzhen for few years and had my first baby in Hong-Kong 3 years ago. Hong-Kong hospitals are indead clean, service is nice and both nurses and doctors speaks very well english.

When the baby is born you must tell the Hospital to declare the birth (They usually have 40 days to do it but you can apply for the fast procedure).
Then you should go to the HongKong birth and death registration office with your husband to get the birth certificate (take several, it can be usefull in the future. The hospital can take care of your baby during this time).
One's you have the birth certificate, you can apply for a passport and visa in your ambassy (few days).
My husband made all the procedure wile I was in the hospital, I just had to go out 2 times and sign papers. It took 7days total after what we went back in China.

For your information, in private hospital the "birth package" does not include the Doctor fees (about 7000HK$ for birth, 1000HK$ everyday after).
They won't ask you if you want peridural, if you do, you should ask for it before birth.
Unlike HongKong, in China your husband can't be with you during birth.

Hi I am also an expat here

Hi I am also an expat here and have lived here for 6 years. My baby was born in Shenzhen, at the Beijing university hospital (meilin district). And i have no complaints about their service, the facilities or the level of care that they gave me. They have some doctors and nurses who speak english. I go to the 6th floor (VIP - outpatient) area for my monthly check up and i stayed at the 13th floor (VIP area) for 9 days as i delivered via c section. This area looks like a hotel actually. Very clean. My baby is 5 years old now, healthy and happy. The only thing you need to be prepared for while in the hospital is that they do not have food, so you need someone to get your food for you. And the best part, my delivery, plus the hospital stay of 9 days, plus a private english speaking nurse service cost less than 12thousand rmb.

That is an interesting

That is an interesting point, I did not think about a visa and passport. I have gotten a China visa in Hong Kong for a 4 month old before, it was no problem, but we had a passport. I do not think the child can go on your passport, but I really am not sure. You can get a visa in HK in a matter of hours, but without the passport I think you can not.

You might contact the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in Hong Kong. They might be able to get a passport quickly for you. I got my renewal of a passport here inside of China and it only took about one week.

The child is going to need a passport at some point, so I would talk to the Hong Kong Embassy and see how quick they can get you one. Hey, you know everyone loves to help and new mother and baby, maybe then can turn one fast for you. Then the Visa is no problem.

Yes, you certainly are on the road less traveled, but that is was makes it fun!

Thanks a lot for your

Thanks a lot for your advice. I am leaning more towards HK, but I'm worried about how soon my baby can come back to China with me. Can it go on my passport? I will by then be on a spousal visa (of another foreign resident). I've definitely taken the road less traveled on this one...
Again thanks for your advice. I will look into the Adventist hospital and hopefully visit there next month.

You are moving to a third

You are moving to a third world country which has third world level medical care. You will be living only 45 minutes away from Hong Kong, which has excellent medical care even when compared to Canada, Europe or USA.

I would strongly urge you to have your baby in Hong Kong. The Adventist Hospital is excellent, but there are also many other good hospitals in Hong Kong.

Link to Adventists

For example the Adventist hospital's doctors and nurses all speak excellent English, and most of the doctors are traiined in the UK. There rooms are very clean, and private or semi private rooms are available.

I have been in China for a long time, and have experienced medical care here and in Hong Kong. I think I can summarize this best for you by saying that if you were my wife, and this was my child, I would not even consider a China hospital.

There are no "International Hospitals" in Guangzhou or Shenzhen that have a complete level of services and technology, and none that could even be compared to an average hospital in Hong Kong.

Think it over, this is a your first child, it should be a wonderful magical experience! You deserve the best care.

I wish you great luck in the birth of your child, and in your life here in Shenzhen.


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