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Greek food restaurant?

Is anybody know where I can find greek food restaurant?
Thank you

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what a pitty, i was looking

what a pitty, i was looking for a Greek restaurant myself to have a night out with my girl while in Guangzhou...
if i was free i would open a restaurant here myself, its definatelly a goer... GZ is a food city and greek food should not be off "the menu" here.
George, you sound like an expat like myself am i right?

well i would be interesting

well i would be interesting to work a Greek /Mediteranean restaurant in SZ. any propositions?any ideas? i speak Greek and English Fluent Economics Deegree with 2 masters and 2 years in Chefs school

Best regards



Istanbul is great, its a

Istanbul is great, its a really good place and the owners are great!! my number one muslim food in town!!
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Tried Adelo Yesterday. Not

Tried Adelo Yesterday. Not bad. I stll prefer Istanbul restaurant;) We had the Cous Cous, hummus, and the roasted chicken with fries and salad. Everything was pretty good. I liked the design of the place, but one criticism is that the tables being used are too low for the booths.

Thanks James. :) I will be

Thanks James. :) I will be checking out that place too. Sounds nice.

You might also want to try

You might also want to try Adelo. According to the Shenzhen Daily, "Adelo serves up a variety of dishes from nearly all countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, from Europe to Asia and Africa."

On Shennan in Dongmen, just under the huge horseshoe bridge.

See the Daily's review by Jesse Warren:

James at The BUZZ

It's not what you are asking

It's not what you are asking for, but there is a pretty good Turkish restaurant called Istanbul restaurant in the Luohu area. For Shenzhen, it is in my opinion the best you can find Mediterranean food-wise. Some might suggest Mama Gelato too, but I've never eaten there. I'll provide the address too below;)

Istanbul Restaurant
Room 07 Langjuyufeng, block 1010 Wenjin Road ,LuoHu District, shenzhen
Telephone : 0755-8261021 , 0755- 82610230

Add: 108-109 Haichang Street, Shekou (close to A-best Supermarket down from the Ghost bar), 深圳市南山区蛇口海昌街海尚国际裙楼108 – 109号铺
Telephone : 2685 0910

if you can't figure where these places are, just print this message out and show it to a cab driver;) good luck!

It's going to be difficult:)

It's going to be difficult:) I suggest that if anyplace might have a few Greek dishes it might be Gypsies in Shekou. Directions can be found in the Restaurants tab at the top of this page. It should be in the Shekou Restaurants area of that tab. Beyond that, Hong Kong would give you a better shot of finding Greek food. Another city in Mainland China that is not too far from here is GuangZhou. That city has so many different international food restaurants. Try googling Greek Food Guangzhou and Greek Food Hong Kong. Good Luck:)

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