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Financial Times: China's export fall means Shenzhen must transform again

The Financial Times says that in this turbulent economy Shenzhen has to transform it self yet again. Can Shenzhen transform itself? Or will the CBD become a ghost CBD? Who is going to fill the malls and office buildings in the Shenzhen CBD?

By Tom Mitchell

In the late 1970s, Fish Farm Village was a small settlement on the banks of the Shenzhen river, which marked the border between China's southern Guangdong province and the then British colony of Hong Kong.

Today the rural backwater has given way to a large retail podium and nine new residential tower blocks, all a short walk to a new border crossing where Shenzhen and Hong Kong's light rail networks meet. The place is still known, now incongruously, as Fish Farm Village. Five of the towers were reserved for former villagers, many of whom rent their flats to Hong Kong residents who have migrated across the border in search of cheaper property.

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