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Expats? English Speakers?

Hey im Shenzhen for about a week every month and its a great city except that I dont speak a word of Chinese. I come for business and my suppliers speak some english but after work hours I cant even order a drink at the bar. SO was wondering if somebody could throw me some suggestions on bars/restaurants where I can meet some expats or english speaking locals. its tought going 4 to 5 days without having a conversation!

i usually stay in Luohu district at the Sunshine Shenzhen hotel or I believe this time at the Best Western.
so suggestions around that area would be graetly appreciated!

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Ya, I agree to go to COCO

Ya, I agree to go to COCO park, and the most nice bar is Bar Demon, and if you take a taxi, you just need speak to the driver that' coco park' most of driver knows there, but if you are only alone to go there, will be a little bit lonely to hang out by yourself, coz most of them are with friends over there sitting in a table, but also you can sit infront of the downstage, has football watch over there,
if you wanna more fun, you can take a taix to V bar, there has nice show over there, it's in Crown plaza hotle in OCT, the chinese name is 威尼斯酒店,you can search the hotel name, and call them, then get a taxi, give your phone to driver let the hotle people to talk to the driver theirs local, then,done!
or you can go to U bar, nice music over there, for dance,
well, hope you have fun then,

Why not try the hotels in

Why not try the hotels in Futian area, Sunshine hotel is not bad, but it's just located in the old district, if you would like to dig more new,you can try next time Sheraton, Marco polo etc, they are all in Futian area, and not far away from Coco park which mentioned by the guy.


Close to where you are

Close to where you are staying is the Shangri-La Hotel (next to the train station), on the second floor there is a nice traditional style bar. There is usually many American or European business people in the bar, since they are also traveling you can easly start up a conversation. And..the hamburgers there are very good!


Hi, I suggest using the

Hi, I suggest using the metro and going to Da Ju Yuan Metro Stop. There is a Bar Area at the Citic Plaza(Zhong Xin Guang Chang). People seem to like 3D bar. Only negative is for the inexperienced navigating the underground mall can be troublesome. An easier place to get to that is a little farther away is the bar street at Coco Park. To get to it go to Gou Wu Gong Yuan metro stop. In my opinion the best looking bar there is Bar Demon, but from what I've read the service there has become amazingly bad. Still worth checking out, there are some other bars there too.

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