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Eating Healthy in Shenzhen

Mike from the blog Shenzhen Undercover came up with a helpful blog post about Healthy Eating in Shenzhen. Mike offers some tips on why it is not healthy to eat out and what you can do at home. How do you eat healthy and stay healthy?

My girlfriend and I tend to eat at home a lot these days because of "trust issues" and lack of restaurants in the area that can make both healthy and vegetarian food. We end up at home eating a lot of salads but it would be good to get a good list of clean and healthy Chinese and western restaurants going. Please post your tips in the forum.

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Hi,dear friend Here’s the

Hi,dear friend

Here’s the answer for u by

Here are three Vegetarian Restaurants:
1)Dengpin Vegetarian Foods
Phone: 0755-2590-8588
Address: 3/F, Jun Ting Ming Yuan, Bao'an Nan Road, Luohu
2) Hong Fa Temple
Address: Xian Hu Park, Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, Liantang, Shenzhen
3) The Summer Tea House
Phone: 0755-2558-6555
Address: 3038 Baoan Nan Lu, Luohu, Guangdong

It’s a great pleasure to us , if it can help you out somewhere.

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