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Driver License

I have driver license from Canada.  I have my product manufactured in Dalang, Dongguan.  I want to buy car here in China when I come back in a couple of months.  Chinese people say I have to live here for 1 year and western people say I can go right away.
1.  I would like to get an English driving study book.  Where can I get that.  I will be leaving in 1 week so I do not have time to write the test at this time so I want to study it and then come back in couple of months.
2.  Do I need to get my Canadian Driver License translated to Chinese by a Notary Public?  I have been told I have to do this.
3.  What is the process?  When do I take the medical exam?  after I go there and do application and give them my passport and canadian driver license?
First time living here in this area.  I have family here and thinking of moving to Shenzhen and then driving to factory in Dalang. about and hour drive.

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