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Donut Kingdom Opens: Anyone want to get donuts with me? :)

In Shenzhen, there aren't many options for donuts. Some of the bakeries carry them, but only a couple flavors and nothing to be too happy about. Besides them, there aren't any Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme requires you to burn up one of your precious precious visa entries. Well, no worries my friends. You can get your sugar rush at Donut Kingdom. They are located in the Poly Central Centre in Nanshan. Right now they are offering a couple deals, one being buy 3 get 1 free and the other a hot drink and donut for 19RMB. The donuts themselves are a thing of beauty coming in all different shapes and colors from the pictures I've seen but as I've learned in China, seeing is believing and a picture is never a promise. I plan to go this week and check them out. Would anyone like to join me? :) Also, anyone who goes ahead of me, please post your thoughts here or any related info you think we should know:)

Poly Central Centre
at the intersection of
Wen Xing Liu Rd and Hai De Er Rd
8628 7993

The link takes you to their site which is very very simple. It has their address in Chinese and pinyin which you can print out to show your taxi driver;)

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I had a few guests over for

I had a few guests over for a dinner party the other night and thought I would buy some donuts for them to try. They aren't as good as a Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme Donuts, but they were good.:) They areally put a lot of effort into the design of the doughnuts. I took some pictures of the donuts with my phone if anyone is interested. They are still doing the buy 2 get 1 free promotion and a dozen came out to 63 I believe. I will definately try them again. I recommend the Mochazooka(cafe mocha donut), the Green Zone donut(green tea), and Oreo Infatuation(oreo cookie flavored), and the blueberry one with the blueberry jelly that you can see in the middle:) I wanted to try a glazed, but they were sold out:( Maybe next time! They are located in Coastal City and right around the corner from the new bar street there.

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Ahhhhhhh.....The Kreme's

Ahhhhhhh.....The Kreme's ending the world, my good thats it for being healthy!

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Looks like Krispy Kreme is

Looks like Krispy Kreme is in negotiations with a potential franchisee to open up a shop in Shenzhen.

In other sugar related stuff, I was at McDonalds the other day and noticed they had Pibb (shortened from Mr. Pibb) as one of the options at the soda dispenser. Anyone else see Mr. Pibb at McD's in Shenzhen? (Mr. Pibb is Coke's Dr. Pepper knockoff, one of my favorite sodas.)

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