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Does LongGang exist?

Hello all:

First post here!. Congratulations for the website. My questions below.

I have been living in LongGang a couple of months. I have a lot of things to say about the place, but the most surprising one is that I have not met any foreigners in all the time I have been here (I live in the north-east of LongGang).

Searching for information about bars in LongGang I have found nothing, even in good places like this one.

Any links about this? Bars in LongGang where a laowai can go a have a beer in peace? Any other foreigners around here? Where do they go out?

I hope to see more reports about bars in LongGang, if not we will have to send some!

Thx everybody
My email, if any foreigners want to do anything around here (bars,sports...) [email protected]

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i live in longgang and there

i live in longgang and there are plenty of bar you need to go to ji xiang station on the metro line and go on jo xiang lu ( rd ) to the north for about 5 -10 minutes in a taxi and there are plenty of bars like 1988 and Ice Bar , also about 2 minutes walk from the station is a place called " Honey Bar " on fridays and staurday nights there are plenty of people there just like coco park and good music , and plenty of chinese girls for the males who are looking for a girl ..... if you need anymore info on how to get there or anything please call me 13510284735 and ill be glad to show you the way to the clubs and around longgang ( ji xiang , longcheng , alilian, ) hope this helps abit

there are not so many

there are not so many foreigners in longgang, coz it's uptown. you know not so many foreigners would come here, I live in longgang for a long time. if you wanna hang out you can call me though. btw, I am chester, 13510115828

Helloi'm also foreigner and


i'm also foreigner and new to Longgang and i have no idea what there is to do. Iam also looking for bars so if you do find anything could you let me know, would be much appreciated. Thanks!

hello, there are many bars

hello, there are many bars in longgang. Maybe it is that you didnot find one. And longgang is a big place, I don't know where you were, so I cant tell where the bar is. If you live in the center of longgang, it will be very easy to find one.

hello, I am looking for


I am looking for these places too.

I seldom see any foreigners in Longguan.

I hope we can be friends so that we can share our experience working in Longguan.

you could reach me at 13509231771

Enjoy every moment in Longguan!!


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