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Do Your Part to Help China Earthquake Victims Shenzhen Redcross Info

You've watched the news, you've heard the stories, so please act now and do whatever you can to help to support the relief efforts!

Make a donation to:

Red Cross Society of China Sichuan Branch
Tel: (028) 84423042 (028) 84353993

ShenZhen Charity Association
Tel: 82485528
(Donation in HKD and USD are also available)

ShenZhen Red Cross
Tel: 25601682

You can also choose to donate blood, however, ShenZhen Blood Center has annonced that their blood supply is currently suffcient. What they suggest donors to do is to make a reservation for donation in case they need blood for the earthquake victims in the future.

Before you give blood, make sure you are an eligible donor.
Be a responsible donor! Here're some blood donation guidelines:

Thank you for your efforts!

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