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Do Your Part to Help China Earthquake Victims Shenzhen Redcross Info

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You've watched the news, you've heard the stories, so please act now and do whatever you can to help to support the relief efforts!

Make a donation to:

Red Cross Society of China Sichuan Branch
Tel: (028) 84423042 (028) 84353993

ShenZhen Charity Association
Tel: 82485528
(Donation in HKD and USD are also available)

ShenZhen Red Cross
Tel: 25601682

You can also choose to donate blood, however, ShenZhen Blood Center has annonced that their blood supply is currently suffcient. What they suggest donors to do is to make a reservation for donation in case they need blood for the earthquake victims in the future.

Before you give blood, make sure you are an eligible donor.
Be a responsible donor! Here're some blood donation guidelines:

Thank you for your efforts!

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