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DJ Q-Bert Interview Questions

Shenzhen Party Resident DJ Expert Keith writes through email:

Listen guys, gents, friends,
It is true that I travel back to Ireland via London tomorrow to have a family reunion, but for the love of God!

Q-bert is without dispute one of the worlds most famous DJs, he invented more than half the turntabilist techniques that make up the vast majority or Hip Hop sounds... Basically, Him, Mixmaster Mike, and DJ Jazzy Jeff, invented modern scratch DJing..... Its appreciated that you might think I could interview someone like this, but the task has to fall to a true fan, (though I do respect this genius)...

If you cant find someone in Shenzhen who knows how incredible and large this DJ is to even pass off a half informed interview, then I think Shenzhen is (edited), and its only a small matter of time b4 the rest of the world figures it out...

Im not even a hip hop DJ, but I despair that you are struggling to find someone to interview this guy,,, hes the michael knight of turntablism,,,, nerds across the globe would give (edited) for that opportunity

DJ Q-Bert will be scratching at Club Chocolate tonight. If you have any questions you would like to ask DJ Q-Bert or if you would like to volunteer to meet and interview him please submit them with your phone number to our Shenzhen Party email address [email protected]. The show and interview will take place tonight so contact us ASAP. View Event Flyer

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