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Disappointing Galleons

I suppose I just need to vent a little...

Tonight I popped over to Galleon restaurant to make a booking for about twenty of my friends at 7 pm for my birthday celebration tomorrow night. (yeah, I know last minute me;))

The place has a splendid interior, and a lovely look and feel...charmingly coastal,nice deck. Very empty.

I spoke to a female manager about the booking, she disappeared. I asked a second manager whether I could bring some wine at a corkage price, especially since the menu offered only two; single red, single white. This being against their policy the manager offered to show me the hotel's wine menu. After waiting for more than ten minutes, an assistant manager approached me (still no wine menu). I asked him whether they had any specials, and whether they could put together a platter or two for the table if I selected some things off the menu, and he said that he would have to consult his boss, and that they would call me. Finally a fourth manager phoned, confirmed my booking, and asked whether I would like a set menu. I said that that should be fine.

Surprisingly, he informed me, that they already had a function for twenty people booked for that evening, and that the chefs would not be able to cater for another function of twenty people. According to their website, they seat 600.


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Hi there.... I know many

Hi there....

I know many people who work for the InterContinental. The most likely reason they seemed to be so unprofessional to you is because of 2 reasons: 1. The Manager of the place was recently let go, and 2. The Hotel's Head Chef is currently on vacation.

For the most part, the hotel staff is usually very courteous and they do a really swell job in events and such. Very sorry to hear of your disappointment though.


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