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Dirt Star CD Release Party

Dirt Star CD Release Party this Saturday night at the Triple J Cafe. You’ll be able to pick up a limited copy of Dirt Star’s new album.

From his myspace:

Punk, Indie, Garage, Surf, Electronic, Alternative, Hip Hop, Acoustic madness! Often sighted in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, and Taipei –

Imagine the catchiest tunes you’ve ever heard. Put them in a night market take-out bag and shake them around with some indie pop, DIY punk and electronic sampling, and you have something approaching the Dirt Star Sound.

Combine that with some of the craziest live shows you are ever likely to see and you will understand why “More Rock Stars Choose Dirt Star”.

Dirt Star has had a unique path from the streets of North America. Since then he has played shows in the indie music venues of Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

He’s found inspiration along the way while living by the West Lake in Hangzhou, in the verdant hills of Hong Kong’s Lamma Island, and on Gulangyu Island, Xiamen.

Check more about Dirt Star at his website and his myspace

Date: Jan. 26
Venue: Triple J Cafe
Behind the Rollercoaster, Culture Palace Park, Dongmen
Tel: 134 1064 5216

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