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Did we miss this shop: Bretagne Crêpe de France?

We walked by this shop in Luohu the other day and it looked like someone was building a Crepe shop but when we asked the workers the said they were building a clothing store. Did we miss our chance at authentic French Crepes and Cider in Shenzhen? Did anyone try it? Does anyone know why it didn't work?

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I think it's been rebuilt as

I think it's been rebuilt as a clothing now. 'coz last time when I and my friend went there. This shop attracted me by asking for free testing their soybean sweet tofu. I gave them some advise too after tasting.2 days ago,when I saw it's now bankcrupt

I think this store will be a

I think this store will be a garment store even if its name is Crêpe de France. Isn't it the word 布 (bu4) textile that is written on the right hand side?

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