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Clubbing area? (other than LuoHu)


I have a group of guys that I will be going out with this weekend. We will be hanging out around Windows of the World area for a while (mandatory I am afraid)... after that we would like to hit some clubs and bars. Are there any good clubs and/or bars around windows? I was told there is a "famous" bar street in huaqiao city, but I dont know where, and would it have clubs? I suppose we could cab it to luohu, but that is a long way.

Any recommendations for a proper outing in that area (drinks and dancing)?

Thanks in advance!!

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A new band has started at

A new band has started at Galleon. V Bar is also usually consistent.  I think there is a hidden gem of a jazz bar called Jazz Garden in the OCT Bar street. You can now club in Futian with Lili Marleen and Club Viva. The bar street that you speak about is next to Windows of the world. The Jazz Garden bar is there. Last we looked this bar street was slowly dying.

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