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Club Chocolate: as good or better than the hype?



Despite my obvious bias, I'm sales manager at Chocolate, and right now I almost wish I wasn't, just to give a bit more credibility to my argument...

The argument?

GOOD GOD! THIS IS THE BEST CLUB I'VE EVER BEEN TO. Don't believe me? Great, come see for yourself.

Why do I say this? I'll give a few reasons.

1. The finest crowd that Shenzhen has to offer. Interesting thought, but class has a lot to do with the ambiance in a club. Whether you're looking for the highest concentration of the most beautiful women or guys with a bit of flare and class, Chocolate is defining the premiere night scene in our fair city.

2. Decor.
Now I don't know how much clubbing you guys have done in and around Shenzhen, be that east or west, Luo Hu vs. Shekou, I have found that a lot of these clubs are carbon copies of one another, recycled images with the same party scene that is drier than the Gobi. Not Chocolate.

This place is 100% original and features some of the coolest tech features that the bar scene has ever seen.

3. Music

Music is key, no ifs ands or buts. That being said, I don't think that Chocolate can be rivaled. I honestly believe that we have the best line-up of DJs that Shenzhen has to offer. And Pinko is ssssooooooo hot, it's not even funny... sorry, personal opinion. Featuring Hip-hop and R&B to electronic music that will move you like the wind or carry you like a wave (DJ Eddie (Neshproject) really knows how to get a crowd pumped, I've never seen anything like it... well ok, I have, but it was him again, just a different venue.) Chocolate's got music covered, wrapped up, and covered again. Oh yeah, brilliant sound. "no sir those are not heart palpitations you are experiencing, that's just the beat."

4. Dancers. *jaw drops* nough said.

5. The staff.
Alright, given that it was our first night, there were a couple of slow drinks, and by a couple I mean 2, and that was about it. These guys are really invested in your night out, and you should really check how hard they work to keep things running smoothly, I just have to give them a shout-out, cause, wow... it was hectic, but they pulled it off.

Anyway, what I would like is for everyone to get out to Chocolate and see for themselves, you can reach me at 13632529935



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Well, Chocolate was full of

Well, Chocolate was full of non-chinese last night.. never seen it so full of white people!! seems shenzhen is starting to really draw in more foreigners these days... as for places expats hang out..? you could try the 5 star hotels around like Royal Crown Plaza's V-bar, Shangri-La's HJB and 360, or clubs like U-bar, In-Club, Ritchie etc... but the only one of those that plays house in In-Club. Lots of the local girls love hip-hop so it seems the foreiners go where they go hahaha. Personally I could reccomend Soho but not too many foreigners there... And don't know how long you will be in town but in about 2 weeks time, we will open ROX, catering to a global market, bringing in a top 100 DJ almost every week. April 5th is Andy Moor, and April 6th is Tiesto... check the events section on this site for more info...
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are there many expats go

are there many expats go there? keen to find a good club, i'm australian, can any one recomend me some good places to go where expats hang out. Have been to terrace etc, like to try some where new and different and like house music and rnb if need be..

I completely disagree that

I completely disagree that you shouldn't waste your time. Its one of the best clubs in SZ. The music is perfect. If you're looking for hip-hop music then go somewhere else - everybody has different tastes of music so you can't please everybody.

Its not perfect though. I have to say the service is a bit shit. Really slow to get your drinks sometimes. People are a bit unhelpful. And its more expensive than a lot of places.

But... its got a good crowd of people. will probably be there next week

I was in Chocolate for the

I was in Chocolate for the first time on Friday. I loved it. Good atmosphere. Good music. Good crowd. Yes, there is not a "central dance floor" but I did not mind. People were dancing anywhere and everywhere. I thought it was a cool place.

Seriously this club is all

Seriously this club is all hype. Wow, yes there are some cute girls and nice decor, but the one essential thing that's missing from a great party is the crowd and dance floor. This place has potential, but the whole design is oriented favorably towards segregated tables and people sticking to their own circle and does not promote mingling. Great if you brought some cute girls, but if you're there to meet any new then you'll have better luck else where. I would describe this place as manicured and cold; not a place I would repeat.

Don't waste your time.

what's teh deal with gettin

what's teh deal with gettin a table to get drinks? can i not just get the drink and chill? if i were to sit and drink wouldn't i just go to a pub instead? i had to sweet talk some waitress at the back to bring me drinks cause the bar was packed, i enjoy hiphop and other music is fine i guess since shenzhen still needs its 90s rush...make the dance floor bigger i would wanna see some booties shake than all the weired sausages, maybe play some chinese music to get all those chinese chicks moving, too many just sits there...if u make money from drinks then get it to me, was there janitor cleaning floors? do it when u close its already packed man...this is what i recall and its not a good thing that this is what i recall when i was with a girl...

I been there many times.And

I been there many times.And i love it.
Keep it that way guys:)

I tried to hold out as long

I tried to hold out as long as i could before i commented.I dont like hip hop, and im sure im not alone on that issue, it all sonds the same to me. I am a house music person, i like the electric feel. Have any of you "hip hop lovers" ever thought that other clubs are trying to cater for other music genre that are begining to be appreciated in shenzhen?
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choclate needs more hiphop.i

choclate needs more hiphop.i dont think that chinese would mind what kind of music is getting played.
after a few drinks at that place and with all the lighting systems you will get pretty dizzy!

It is okay... lot's of

It is okay... lot's of people there every day of the week.

seems like a "clean" club with no funny stuff going on which is refreshing.

As mentioned above,,, these women are pretty generic for chinese women... I don't think expats really need to chase women anyways so it is good that people are going for other reasons like to check out the tech / lighting and music....

I know most places do play hip hop and Chocolate does not really.. maybe they could mix some in..


I wanted to go for the

I wanted to go for the opening, but it was on a Sunday night, and wellll.....forget it. What were you guys thinking? Re-do the opening....but make it either a Friday or a Saturday and I'll make it. Maybe you can call it a "Second Opening". Hee hee.

Anyway...I hope that the new clubs start to become successful. I need some places to go! My advice to the management is to remember that the key to a good club is the music. The DJ has to have a good "pallet" in the same way that a good wine maker or a good chef has a good pallet. It's the most important thing in a good night club. I just moved here from Ho Chi Minh, and I would recommend any new club owner to visit Ho Chi Minh sometime and go to a local bar there called "Lush". Its packed every night because the music is consistently moving, motivating and just damn thumping good. Check it out. Good luck Chocolate.

More photos of the grand

More photos of the grand opening at
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Hey, props to Shenzhen party

Hey, props to Shenzhen party for some awesome photos.

Some of the photos that

Some of the photos that where taken/given to szparty are at the bellow address, which is in the event photo section on this pages, also you can see the thumb nails of this and previous events photos down the right hand side of this pages. [Wowzers Batman]

where are all the photos?? i

where are all the photos?? i was at the opening party and there were loads of photographers there! the ones on shenzhenparty are pretty rubbish.............

Yeah, there definitely could

Yeah, there definitely could be a strong argument for having the opening on say...The day before? I was of the same opinion, had a great time nonetheless and am also living with the repercussions.

Checked it out! Good & Bad,

Checked it out!
Good & Bad, but not so bad as Good :) Also checked out the place a few days before the big opening, and to be honest, was not so impressed by anything very high tech at all since that seems to be what many people are mentioning about Chocolate. I didnt even get a bluetooth welcome message on my phone.. phhhff.. I have been more impressed by what a bunch of rogue promoters did in the US and Euro back in the 90s with only a diesel generator to power their lighting and SFX systems for outdoor parties. except the nifty dolley track winch often used in movie studios they have installed in the roof above the dance floor that moves the massive beautiful chandelier for performances hanging from there... like the rope act and Hershey Kisses tossing angel on the massive triangle.

However, I have to say the deco, especially the sofa areas and tables are nice. Just hope the white sofas and surfaces don't get trashed quickly. I saw some pretty bad stains on carpets already and chipped stone surfaces just like the damaged stairs in Sparkle... Other than that, the place looks pretty well put together and must have cost a pretty penny. Plus it is a little Dark in the right places which is nIce.

In terms of women staff and dancers which usually brings in the spending males. Oki they are NOT Ugly thats for sure.. but if you have been to any of the numerous KTV joints around here you would know that they are the run of the mill and a dime a dozen. No offence girls... must be picky when looks are the jobs pre-requisite!! There are much much better looking girls here in SZ and Dong Guan for sure. But hell they probably wouldn't accept the pay. One thing however that caught my attention was that the female bar dancing staff can juggle as well as make drinks which is something new I have not seen in Shenzhen before and is quite novel in my view at least. That is to be commended! =) Good job Club Chocolate!

In terms of table service. I had to wait a little while even when it was not packed and there were loads of service staff standing around doing nothing.. well maybe not nothing.. they were probably still trying to memorize the table numbers as most of them had to double confirm my table each time I ordered something as well as the prices for what they were selling.. . That is something that should not happen.. especially when they had been operating for a week already. Managers! make them do their homework!!! But hell, nowhere is 100% perfect when it first starts up now is it? Being in the hospitality and nightlife industry my self I can understand...

Now last but totally not least, the bookings, arrival, and the music.
When i came in for the grand opening party I arrived around 9 to secure my table, as I found booking one where I wanted was a little more troublesome than I expected having contacted a guest relations guy for a booking 2 days in advance. But hey it was the grand opening, and I am not a big VIP! =P Got offered a few shots of watered down Remy from the shot girls and was smacked in the face by the strong scent of the opening floral arrangements lining the entrance way. After a few words with this guy and that, I got the table I wanted with a great view of the party right next to the main stage dance floor and dancer entrance way.
As I walked into the main club hall I instantly I had a very nasty feeling the night was going to be a pure RnB/Hip-Hop sound similare to that of the very well known and successful Richie. But thanks be to God, the what now seems to be the global epidemic ended shortly once people started to arrive and DJ Eddie got up on the system. Some nice electronic sounds started to flow and heat up the place as tables filled up and some very "active" guys started to dance. As the night progressed I was also amazed to see the amount of international crowd around and to hear some classic tracks pump through the club. Even oldies like UK's Prodigy from the 90s and some good old samples from my younger years of forest and mountain raves in Vancouver Canada which still pump an electronic party in this day and age. Still a ways from Dark D&B but hell that doesnt happen in Shenzhen often does it? ^^
ALL IN ALL- GOOD JOB CHOCOLATE!! I wish you guys all the best, you have a good crew of people to make it work. Will come back for the good tunes and comfy sofas for sure!

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Well I went to the opening

Well I went to the opening on Sunday and it was awesome! Maybe because it was the opening there was things going off everywhere, flying angels, fireworks etc.!

We booked a table and had it in the perfect place near the dance floor, my recommendation, never went upstairs so I don't what its like up there.

The music was sweet, some real hard beats and evryone was getting with it. loved it.

I know it was the opening and first night but it took a while for the drinks, ordered some stuff and never came, bit slow, but i'm sure it was just all chaotic!

As for the bar... well I heard about its technology and that really made me want to go but it was really dissapointing. All the money invested and was just showing the logo, pointless!!! Why is this?

It doesn't use microsoft surface. That isn't out till 2008. And the whole paying by card and using phone etc is all very conceptual. They'll be lots of legal and tech issues before you really see that ever happening. Uses this for the record I believe -

Was all gravy baby!! feeling the repucusions now! Why Why Why Why have it on a SUNDAY????? stupid!

Went there on sat around 9

Went there on sat around 9 and it was pretty empty. The touchscreen bar surfaces were not that impressive looking. might have been because the lights were on in the place, they might have needed a darker room to show up better but the logos didn't seem very responsive to touch. I wonder if these were really the Microsoft Surface I mentioned or some cheaper knockoff brand from Taiwan or Korea my friend mentioned these could be. We ended up just walking in and out after a few minutes. The music playing I think was hip hop but I can't really comment on how good the music was. I can comment that it was a bit confusing getting into the place if you come by subway because when u come out of the subway exit, you see a big sign on your left for chocolate, but going in that entrance seems to take you to an elevator that does not take you to chocolate. After a elevator trip to nowhere, we asked a security guy and we found out that the real entrance is on the directly opposite side of that building. Did anyone else have a better experience? Is it worth it for me to give them another chance?

I haven't been there yet, I

I haven't been there yet, I plan to go on Saturday. I was curious about the Microsoft Surface computers that you seem to be using from the video I saw. Can you tell me a little about what they can do? Like from previous research on them, you could pay your bill using them, or display your pictures stored on your phone via bluetooth. Like are there certain features that I've seen in other videos not used? which ones are you using? :)

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