churches here in shenzhen?

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Grace asks us:

as you know shenzhen so well, i wonder if you hv any idea abt the international churches here in shenzhen. i went to the 'official' one but it was not good...

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hi, i would just like to ask

hi, i would just like to ask what time is the english mass at St. Anthony church shenzhen on Jan 1, 2015 (thursday)?


Hi, Can someone tell me if St

Hi, Can someone tell me if St Anthony Church ShenZhen has Ash Wednesday masses? What are the timings? I will be travelling from Dong Guan to attend.

Hello everyone, I would like

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask about the bus route from Dameisha to St. Anthony's Church. Please give approximate cost to pay the bus, and also the bus stops names in hanzi. I'm new here in Shenzhen, and my Chinese skill is poor. So in case the bus conductor can't understand my pronunciation , I'll just show the printout in hanzi to him/her.

Thank you. 

Pax Cristi! I would like to

Pax Cristi!

I would like to serve as an acolyte / altar or priest assistant for that 11am mass.

Who do I contact for details? Just in case, here's my fon number: 1588 9555 714. My short number is 675-714.

God bless us all.

the metro stop going to St.

the metro stop going to St. Anthony Church is Che Gong can take a taxi once outside the station. I can't speak chinese so what I do is i tell the driver "Nonglin lu" then i put my hands together making the praying gesture, then the driver would know where I want to be.. =) but if i have enough time, i just walk from that station to the church.It's a 10-minute walk for a brisk walker like me. See you later for the English mass at 11am!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Good news!
Please be informed that the full English mass services at St. Anthony Church in Nong Lin Lu will officially start this Sunday, April-19 at 11:00am.
The English mass will now be celebrated weekly. Thanks be to God.

In this regard, we are looking for volunteers to the following ministries:
1) Lectors / Commentators / Readers
2) Offerers / Collectors / Ushers
3) Acolytes / Altar or Priest assistants
4) Choir members
*(Please get in touch with members from the English choir for orientations)

Have attached the church map for directions and which buses to ride.

We hope for your support and hope to see you all starting this Sunday.

Yours in Christ,

How about for this Easter

How about for this Easter Sunday? Still the regular bilinggual Mass at 9 am? Thank you in advance for any reply.

Dear friends, Through the

Dear friends,

Through the efforts of the Church, our application to celebrate the English Mass service for foreigners at St. Anthony's Church has already been ratified by the local government. So we are happy to inform that, since April 19th, St. Anthony Church will have an English Mass at 11 am - 12pm every Sunday after the mass for Chinese Christians (9:00am – 10:30am). The measure is also intended to prepare for the Universiade 2011. The Christians from abroad are all welcome.

We are in need of a pianist who's based in Shenzhen.

Catholic Shenzhen St. Anthony Church
Address: No. 65, Nonglin Road, Futian District, Shenzhen
Bus Route: 328 (passing the bus stop in Shekou: Hai Yang Da Sha (Sea World) / Shekou Walmark. The name of bus stop in Sam’s Club is Ze Tian Lu Kou. The St. Anthony Church is very close to Sam’s Club), 107,108, 245, 328, 374, 73(Bus stop: zhu yuan xiao xue), 46

Bit off subject (but not

Bit off subject (but not completely). There is a need for an AA (alcoholics anonymous) meeting place in Shenzhen, shekou. Traditionaly many of these groups have utilized church facilities, community centers and even coffee shops.

Anyone with ideas, or in need, please feel free to call me

im trying to look for a

im trying to look for a church in shenzhen too...a pastor at my hometown has given me a singaporean pastor's # who lives in shenzhen now. so i plan to meet the pastor next week and will let u guys know more...

This message was just sent

This message was just sent to me on, guess she doesn't know I'm Jewish:) Anyway, hope this will help you folks out;)

In preparation for the celebration of the Nativity (Christmas), there will be a Christian Retreat in Shenzhen.There will be inspirational talks and messages from special guests to further encourage our faith. All Christians are invited and welcome to join.Kindly confirm attendance by Friday morning, the latest. What: Christian/Catholic Retreat for AdventWhere: St. Anthony's Church, Nong Lin Lu (beside Sam's Club), FutianWhen: Saturday, 29-NovTime: 9am-4pm *Please note there will be a small registration fee for lunch, snacks & souvenirs. To reply to this message, click here:

i think the terms church &

i think the terms church & mass are not known for this buddhist country... its better if we can organize one church here and have mass at least once a week. at least we can refresh our minds with our beliefs and wash little sins we had...

yes, in meilin church, and

yes, in meilin church, and have some home churches

In Meilin Er

In Meilin Er Cun(梅林二村),Futian District

i am finding my way to

i am finding my way to church too

I can get a friend of mine

I can get a friend of mine in contact with you guys about church in shenzhen. :) I think they do something out in Shekou, but it is possible they use the one next to Sam's club too. Also, a bit off subject, but I see by some of your names and someone writing in spanish above you might have an interest in coming to our latin style party on the 28th, hope you can join us:) The info is all here:D

e-mail me at and I can get you in touch with my friend Imee who goes to church every week I think. :)

hi Jay! what is the mass

hi Jay! what is the mass schedule at St.Anthony? I've been trying to attend the celebration but whenever i come the church is closed...

i go to the st. anthony's

i go to the st. anthony's church in futian, nong lin lu, next to sam's club, but i don't know if it's "official" or not....

Well.........I did not know

Well.........I did not know there was a church in Shenzhen, whether 'official' or 'unofficial', am curious to know where it is ?
Maybe you can consider having a get-together of Christians here to celebrate mass together ? ..... like in the 'very old' days ? each one taking turn to organise it ?
Like we say : 'a la guerre comme a la guerre !' ha ha.

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