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Christmas Dinner - your best experience in Shenzhen?

I like to invite my Chinese friends for a traditional Christmas dinner, but I've had a couple of very disappointing (and outrageously expensive) restaurant Christmas dinners here. I cooked it myself last year, but haven't got any time to do that this year. I don't want to confirm all my friends' worst stereotypes about awful foreign food! So, can any long-term people here recommend a restaurant that does a real, good Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and gets it right? What's your best experience so far and is there anywhere I should avoid at all costs?

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the "Tasty Buffet" info:

the "Tasty Buffet" info: 5/F,1HaideRoad,CoastalCity,Nanshan District Shenzhen,GuangdongProvince.China TEL:0755-86359922 0755-86359955 0755-86359977

Could you please post the

Could you please post the Tasty Buffet's phone number and if possible the Chinese name/address...  Thanks, LG

HI where is Coastal

HI where is Coastal City?
What time is the buffet on Xmas Day?

Focaccinos is offering a set

Focaccinos is offering a set dinner for 4 including a bottle of wine and a whole giant turkey for 588. I had it last week. It was huge, and tasty.

It all depends on price.

It all depends on price. How much are you willing to spend for authenticity. Hotels such as Kempiniski, Shangri la, Sheraton and others will all have excellent buffets for hefty price. Kempinski is the lowest I've seen at 388RMB per person and some others are as high as 988RMB per person. Seaworld restaurants will no doubt have special menu sets catering to the expat palette. I would guess the price per person around 150RMB. Last year I went to some restaurant in Seaworld and paid around what I mentioned above, even though the food was good, in the end I felt a little cheated. This year I'm going to The Tasty Buffet in Coastal City. They have a HUGE HUGE international buffet (it's so big, they have an actual map to help you navigate through the place!) On Christmas they will feature even more western food. The price varies depending on what time of day you decide to go (lunch, dinner, and late dinner). Christmas eve, the price is 240RMB I think, and includes free wine/sake. Christmas day, the price goes down to 140RMB. I HIGHLY recommend this place, it has something for everyone, it's heaven on earth.

p.s. Reservations are recommend during the holidays

i don't want to be alone

i don't want to be alone this christmas,
i pray to the god:give me a charming man,please!

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