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China's new Visa Policy "Reasonable"

SOME expats residing in Shenzhen have said that China’s new visa policy, which sparked controversy in overseas media after it was introduced recently, was “reasonable.”

Their remarks came after a Foreign Ministry news conference April 29, explaining China’s new arrangements regarding visa applications.

“The Beijing Olympic Games is not risk-free. The Chinese Government always places security as the top priority in preparing for the Games, and has taken a series of effective measures to prevent and deal with various security threats,” Jiang Yu, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, said at the press conference.

“Proof of invitation letters and airline tickets need to be filed with the applications. Documents required vary according to applications,” Jiang said.

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It's reasonable, but maybe

It's reasonable, but maybe should have been handdled a little better. This news should have been made known a year ago, not now. Too many people were surprised. Also, there should have been more done for those not coming for the Olympics or for tourism. It isn't a secret that many businessmen travel back and fourth across the border. More should have been done to not interrupt their businesses.

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