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China in her hands: Part 2 - Hitting the street

Gemma Sharkey dispatches from the Intercontinental Hotel Group Leader Ship Conference Part 2:

Hallelujah, glory be! I managed to get a full night's sleep, thanks to the aid of my lavender scented pillow (option number three on the hotel's pillow menu). Getting it proved an interesting experience though as the staff don't speak much English..."Sleep? Ahhh bed? Ah pillow? Sleep?" "Pirrow?" O dear I shouldn't mock, but it was quite funny. And was kind of illustrative of the fact that outside of Hong Kong, the level of English, aside from some strategically placed members of staff, is virtually non-existent. Still the staff are always smiling and even if they don't understand what in God's name you may be trying to say, they will always endeavour to find someone who does (complete with hand gestures that look like imitations of what you did to them a second ago).

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