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Anyone facing the same situation as me?NewBorn born to a chinese mother and a foreigner father,citizenship and passport issue

My wife is a chinese citizen of shenzhen.Im from singapore.According to singapore law my child will be singapore citizen by descent.But to the chinese law,a child born to 1 parent who is a citizen in china will be automatically be a chinese citizen.we don't intend to apply hu kou and chinese passport for our child.From my research the chinese goverment don't recognise our child singapore passport.we have get a singapore passport for our child.The chinese goverment don't accept dual citizenship too.IS THERE ANY WAY THAT I CAN GET AN EXIT PERMIT STAMP ON MY CHILD SINGAPORE PASSPORT TO GET OUT OF CHINA LEGALLY,WITHOUT THE NEED TO APPLY HU KOU AND CHINESE PASSPORT TO LEAVE CHINA?????Since my child is already a singapore citizen,isn't they (chinese goverment) won't accept my child as a chinese citizen?This is the non-recognition of dual citizenship of chinese goverment which is contradicting.I have research that to renounce a china citizenship take about 1 damm long year!!!

Anyone out there who met the same situation before as me or currently facing the same situation???Please share with me how you solve this problems???

Thank you and waiting for a reply. 

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