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Bus Schedules in English

Does anyone know how to get bus schedule information in english?
I get bits and pieces from friends about which bus # to take, but always have a problem when trying to travel to a new place.

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Hi Guys I just happened to

Hi Guys

I just happened to stumple across this site today. Maybe it can be of some help. It has all the bus numbers and stations they stop at.

Well it helped me, with finding out where i wanted to go.

Shanghai is the same. It's

Shanghai is the same. It's supposed to be some international city but you can only get around by bus if you speak and read Chinese really.

Plus in Shanghai it's not like most cities around the world where the return bus stop is on the opposite side of the road. They can be quite far from where you got off.

i have browsed the shenzhen

i have browsed the shenzhen bus website and it is a pity that i fail to find choice for english
i am a stranger here who come from middle of china
and i'd like to explore the city whenever i am free. it is more convinient for me-a chinese to go around in this city than a foreigner who have no idea in chinese.
if you like, you can call me on weekend and i'd like to meet new friends here and explore this city. 15889600286, i am glad to meet someone in this city

Hi, i saw someone sent below

i saw someone sent below reply in some other column,
here below is what he said "You can get an English/Chinese map of Shenzhen in Shekou Seven-Eleven - very easy to find opposite McD."
i think u can try to buy from there too.
or maybe you can try below google link to get some more idea..

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