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Hi everyone,

I've been in Shenzhen a couple mths. I tried some clubs here and I noticed they're kinda different around here than the ones I've been to in other countries. there's not so many ppl in clubs here. But, interestingly enough, there's more older guys than young guys in clubs. it doesn't matter for me as long as there's a lotta young girls. hahaha

anyways, I have some friends comin from other countries for visit, and I'd like to bring them to party. anyone has got any suggestion on which club we should visit? if possible the ones that have got good music, place, and not too many older ppl pls. haha


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Yeah, you better reserve:)

Yeah, you better reserve:) Also, Soho is alright too, but, I think the place I suggested is more open for dancing, as crowded as it gets. Try to get a booth near the back left of the bar if you go there.

Gregg, I can't speak for Sumonostp, goin by your pic, you are not the level of old I'm talkin about :), but like I said, that shouldn't matter. Just have fun while we still can;)

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Don't forget that Soho has a

Don't forget that Soho has a live jazz bar on the second floor. I haven't been there in a while because they make you buy a bottle just to enjoy the jazz.

hi stp. yes i also suggest

hi stp. yes i also suggest soho bar. i think all good bars in shenzhen are super crowded. if ever you want to go to Philippines I can suggest you some really really Good crowd good music good DJ and nice girls...
civilize people.... Also Sparkle bar is not bad, if just hangout go to Coco park there is the Daemon bar, the music is good all hiphop RNB

Another suggestion since you

Another suggestion since you guys are talking about clubs in Luohu. Check out Soho Bar in Luohu, on Jiabin Lu, across from King Glory Mall.
The music is rockin' after 11pm and they hold Live shows as well. However, the place gets busy after 9 and you need to make a reservation by 2pm for seating on that night. Sorry, I misplaced their card but drop by during the day to reserve.
It's all Hiphop, a bit of Rap and even the Live Show is mostly Hiphop and some Chinese CantoPop thrown in for good measure.
PS: Not so many oldies there.



Gregg Vincent

[email protected]

I think we oldies are still allowed to go out, let me check, where my walking stick and O.A.P. bus pass are, then I'm heading out to party!

Thanks man.. one thing

Thanks man.. one thing though, Im wonderin if there's a lotta ppl in there on weekends. do i need to reserve before hand? cuz were kinda a big group. =)


Gonna be difficult not to

Gonna be difficult not to find older people in the clubs. just the way it is here. Back home it's like we are trained to think when we get older it gets to the point of being embarrassing. Here it doesn't really matter I think. People just there to have fun so just try and do the same. That being said. I think Richie is a good club. it's in Luohu. It might be called Face actually. Face and Richie are right next to one another. Of the two I like the one that plays hiphop. One of the two plays techno a bit too loud for me and the light show seems annoying, but that's just me. It is always packed on the weekend and usually has alot of pretty girls. ;) I think the address is in the Bars section located at the top of this page.

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