balikbayan box or door to door delivery service or courier service

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I am new in Shenzhen and would like to know where I can ship my stuff to Manila.

I have heard of cities like Xiamen, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou offering such services.

It is similar to DHL, UPS, Fedex but much cheaper because they do not weigh your package. They normally have a fix rate, for example, 400yuan for 1 cubic meter box.

Hong Kong has a lot of these companies but it would be great to know if there are such companies in Shenzhen. Im sure there are many out there. Anyone care to share the info?

Please tell me the company name, address, and contact number.

from Brandy.

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Is there another door to door

Is there another door to door cargo company in GUANGZHOU other than Genex? Your help is much appreciated. Thanks a lot guys. Your answer/s will really mean a lot to us.

i need to send a box to

i need to send a box to Bohol.   cindy told me about you I think.   my wife is from Bohol.  I live near window of the world.   I was told the price is about 1100 rmb per box


my number is 13691611236 I am allen   thank you.

what items can be put in the box?        I know that liquids are not accepted. 

Hi Everyone, RCC - Royale

Hi Everyone,

RCC - Royale Custom Cargo (HK) Ltd is a Balikbayan Box Door to Door Delivery Service provider from Hong Kong to anywhere in the Philippines.

You may contact us at (+852) 3526 0863-64 / 54222084 or email us at for more info on rates, transit time, box sizes etc.

ADD or LIKE us on Facebook Royale Custom Cargo HK




try Genex cargo (try googling

try Genex cargo (try googling it, bawal yata magmention ng website) if you want a hassle-free courier.. they accept paypal payment too

Business as usual, nakakuha

Business as usual, nakakuha na ko kay Mr. Xiao ng visa.


Sorry to inform everybody but

Sorry to inform everybody but because of some unavoidable circumstance, Mr. Anthony Del Rosario was not given a proper China visa to operate a business. He is here on a temporary visa. Gen Ex will not be liable for any transaction made with Anthony. Until the problem has been resolved, his business will be on hold. 







hello anthony., please

hello anthony., please emailme your office address.,
and rates please

any suggestion na other

any suggestion na other shipping company na madali macontact i thing mr anthony is very busy

hi antony , pa add sana ako

hi antony ,

pa add sana ako sa ym mo para ask ko lang ung regarding sa hagibis box

what are the sizes of hagibis box,

prices nila,

ilang araw dadating maximum

all in payment naba yan?means wala nb babayaran consignee sa manila?about duties and taxes

regular ako ngpapadala guangzhou to manila every 2 weeks

kung ok service nyo indorce din kita sa mga freinds ko

nasa pinas ako ngyon balik ako ng july pero my mga papadala sana ako ideliver nyo rin ba ang box sa office namin?

ito cellpone ng kasama ko chinese sa office:name nya KIRBY KE :86-15920871181 SAKANYA MO RIN BIGAY ANG HAGIBIS box,pick up din kayo right? thanks in advance anthony mabuhay!!!

Hi antony gusto ko sana

Hi antony gusto ko sana padala sa inyo ask ko lang

what tel no.nyo sa manila

what size ang pinaka maliit nyo na balik bayan box?

ilan day guangzhou to taguig city?

pag dating ba ng box sa pinas wala na dapat bayaran? dati ng padala ako ng computer via UPS ng bayad pa misis ko ng duties and taxes eh parang bumili ulit ng isa pang PC sa laki ng pina bayad ng costoms

please add me sa YM para malaman ko lahat.

thanks in advance more power sa bussiness mo

Mabuhay po kayo!...bago lng

Mabuhay po kayo!...bago lng po ako d2 s tanong ko po sana kun meron po ba kayong alam na door to door service patungong Pilipinas na mairerekomenda nyo sa akin..meron po nag pepresinta din sa akin na ang singil nila ay 5oormb para sa mga probinsiya sa Luzon at ang kanilang pamantayang sukat ay 50x50x50cm. baka po meron po kayong alam na mas mainam pa dito kasi po sa aking palagay ay may kaliitan ang kanilang binibigay na pamantayang kahon. kung maari po sana sa inyong pinaka maginhawang panahon ay maipagbigay alam ninyo sa akin ang anumang kabatiran na makakatulong hinggil sa pagsisiyasat kong ito. maaari po ninyo akong maapuhap sa

Maraming salamat at muli po...Mabuhay kayo!

Hagibis Door to Door services

Hagibis Door to Door services to Philippines, Your reliable partner in door to door services base in Shenzhen. We can send box to your house and pick it up. If you are buying stuff from China we can help you to source a reliable supplier and send the goods to Philippines. Call me: Anthony 13244734877

Any agent po from Beijing. Im

Any agent po from Beijing. Im desperately looking for Balikbayan Box Courier..

The post is written in very a

The post is written in very a good manner and it entails many useful information for me. I am happy to find your distinguished way of writing the post. Now you make it easy for me to understand and implement the concept. Thank you for the post.

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I'm looking for BALIKBAYAN

I'm looking for BALIKBAYAN BOX Courier here in Beijing. We want to send some stuffs from Beijing to Manila. Would you mind to send me an email. Thank you.

I am living here in SHEKOU

I am living here in SHEKOU Nanshan district for 5 years now. We've been forwarding some of our stuff in the Philippines also using GEN-EX box from the first owner Kuya Benny maganda yung magament nila as in NO PROBLEM at all then nung hindi na sya humahawak napunta na sa iba which I can't name drop. Di ko masabi kung OK pamamalakad nila since first forward namin medyo OK naman kasi dumating ang box sa pinagkasunduan naming time. Unfortunately from some of our friends hindi dumating in time like sa pinagkasunduan nila tapos wala pa silang packing list and receipt unlike nong naka kay Kuya Benny pa. Di na rin kami magpapadala sa kanila baka matulad kami sa friends namin. Hindi ko rin alam kung etong GEN-EX noon eh yung EASY BOX ngayon. So we're thinking of either lalabas na lang kami ng HK para ipa box ang stuff namin na inconvenient kasi mabigat nga pero mas affordable naman kasi like A-Freight meron silang Jumbo boxes na ang rate nasa 700 HKD lng compared sa regular box ng Gen-Ex dito sa Shenzhen na 1,000 RMB and heard from my husband na dadagdagan pa nila ang bayad pag kukunin nila ang box sa iyo mga 300 RMB ang dagdag tapos me additional pa ata pag nasa pinakamataas na floor ka. Meron namang alternative si Sally ng Guangzhou yun din babayaran mo pag pick up nila at me bayad din pagpadala ng box sa iyo syempre taga GZ kasi so bayad pamasahe. If any of you na taga Shenzhen knew of another balikbayan courier na affordable at on time ang pagpapadala na me resibo at packing list pls. let me know. Thanks!

Hi all... I am desperately

Hi all... I am desperately looking for a balikbayan box door-to-door shipping to Manila from Shanghai or nearby province.  I really hope one of you can refer a contact...  Hoping also that Easybox/Hagibis is following this thread...  Thanks much!!!

Hi! I'm looking for a shipper

Hi! I'm looking for a shipper of Balikbayan boxes from Guangzhou to Manila. Would appreciate any feedback on this. Thanks!

  Hello Everyone, Sending


Hello Everyone,

Sending balikbayan box is important to us Filipinos, as if were sending back our love to our family and relatives . Please take time to choose your balikbayan box agent well.

Before trusting your agent, ask them proof that their  office is  DTI-PSB accredited forwarder in the Phils.

DTI-Phil Shippers Bureau is a gov't agency that generates lauthorized freight forwarder in the Phils. They are also same gov't agency you can count on if your having problems with balikbayan box sent .

@anthony/Hagibis - try to investigate further, yung naninira sa business mo, is not an accredited freight forwarder in Philippines.


hello Easybox/Hagibis,I am

hello Easybox/Hagibis,
I am sorry to hear that someone is trying to ruin your business. Anyway, I would like to ask how much do you charge for door to door balikbayan box services from shanghai to manila? also, do you have shipping services from xiamen to manila/davao? thank you//
pls send reply to


TO: EASYBOX/ u have a branch here in Shanghai? hoping 4 ur response.  tnx

hi anthony< can you give your

hi anthony< can you give your manila tel no?salamat..

hello fren, pls suggest

hello fren, pls suggest reliable cargo shipper from shenshen goin to manila. salamat.

hi guys anyone know

hi guys anyone know balikbayan box dito s shanghai? pls email me san lugar po thanks!

Courier Service Provider for

Courier Service Provider for Hong Kong to Philippines. Please contact me +852 9109 9281, we would like to send parcels from Hong Kong to Philippinesfor our business

hello easybox aka hagibis..

hello easybox aka hagibis.. can you please give me your email coz i want to talk to you on how will i send me stuff back in Philippines thanks..

Hello Everyone,Easybox is

Hello Everyone,

Easybox is still in operation and is going very strong. However,  we changed the name from EASYBOX to HAGIBIS because it sounds more Filipino. There is no mismanagement at all. It is sad that there is but one kababayan, just one, who is trying to destroy our good name. This person, (email me if you want to know his name) has this sickening talangka mentality that for obvious reasons, want to pull us and our business down because of JEALOUSY. Please ask around Shekou, We have been living here for many years. We are good and respectable people. We have a good name to protect. We have many friends unlike this guy who is not man enough to even mention his name in his notes to this website. Even if he keeps using anonymous or any other fictitious name, he is still a crab without friends surrounding him. Please ask around so people in Shekou who know us can vouch  for our character and credibility. This nincompoop who is trying to destroy our good name is actually a nobody and a back stabber. After all of the kindness we have shown him and his family, this is what we get. He is a paranoid lot. He had no friends because he is undeserving of friends. Beware of this person especially when doing business with him. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Thanks and God bless you all,

Vangie Ricasata

hello po, i am just wondering

hello po,

i am just wondering kung meron balikbayan box services from shanghai to manila. please email me if you know of best way and cheapest way possible. salamat !!!

Hi, I'm currently staying in

Hi, I'm currently staying in Beijing. I would like to ask all my kababayans to help me out...I've been wanting to send a lot of stuff in the Philippines but I don't know any cheap courier.. I called EMS before and they said 35kls would cost me around 2,000+yuan which is too much! so please if you know any cheap courier please let me know... thanks a lot!:)

I am running a shop and would

I am running a shop and would like to add a service for courier services from hk to phillipines. Is there any other company provide except GENEX ??

hi po, this is macie,i would

hi po,

this is macie,i would like to ask po about `BALIK BAYAN BOX` if theres some campany here in shanghai.PLS GUIDE ME PO and send po sa email address ko i heard a lot of humor po na marami nagpa box then half nalang ang nauwi sa pamilya nila and from that nawalan na po ako ng tiwala,sayang naman ang pinaghirapan natin kong yan lang ang magyari....



Mz. Aries better talk to

Mz. Aries better talk to people in Beijing who operate door to door service to PI or those who are official co-loader of Genex. Please be aware of Easy Box company who is no longer in operation because of mismanagement. Here are the people whom you can rely on...

pwde pong mag ask qng meron

pwde pong mag ask qng meron po kaung office d2 s beijing?

dorris better send your

dorris better send your package to Genex direct and you wil save  a lot!

Hi Anthony, please email re.

Hi Anthony, please email re. rates and how long does it take to get to the phils.?

Hi Anthony, Can you email me

Hi Anthony, Can you email me re. your services from hk to manila.  how long does it take and do you consolidate items?

Easybox is no longer in

Easybox is no longer in business because of mismanagement! Beware everyone!

 hi anthony, marami din

 hi anthony, marami din kaming pinoy dito sa shenyang at ang problema namin ang pagpapadala ng bagahe namin from here to philippines.  Any advise from you? bka pwede naman kayo mag branch out din dito, please..... thanks.

Hi, would appreciate shipping

Hi, would appreciate shipping information from Shanghai?  Can anyone kindly refer?

hi anthony please send me the

hi anthony

please send me the rates and sizes for shenzhen to manila

guangzhou to manila

what your company name in manila? address? tel no?

thank you

hi anthony, could you pls

hi anthony, could you pls email me your rates for balikbayan boxes from shenzhen to manila and from hongkong to manila?



anthony, salamat ha.i'll

anthony, salamat ha.
i'll email you one of these days...

Usually bawal ang CD,liquid

Usually bawal ang CD,liquid goods,food at soap pero kung hindi maiwasan we need to charge for additional pero maliit lang..Walang limit sa Electronics,clothing and bags, kahit puro electronics walang problema

what is your email

what is your email anthony?

are there any rules as to sending small electronic gadgets, clothings, bags, etc?

Hi Brandy,   We are

Hi Brandy,

  We are balikbayan door to door services China/Philippines here in Shenzhen name Hagibis Box.
We can ship your box to anywhere in the Philippines We can pick-up the box from your house. Please call me 13244734877 Anthony

Hi Brandy , I ussually use

Hi Brandy , I ussually use Gen Ex HK it's either they will add up the freight from SZ to Hk or i will call local courrier to send it to HK. you can contact their HK number : 00852-23434307

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