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Anyone need a pet sitter ?

Hi all,

Is there anyone need a petsitter ? My wife really wants to try part time job as a pet sitter as she has nothing to do on her daily day. And of course she loves dog very much

The story is, there's someone posted here that she looking for good vet to do a petsitter for her. And i did try to contact her but unfortunately she didn't need that anymore (thanks anyway for the idea, Christina !). Afterwards, my wife still curious and very excited to be a pet sitter. And here I am !

Anyway, my wife have worked for some dog rescue organization back when we're in Hong kong as a volunteer. In fact she also have more than 3 dogs back in her home country.

 She loves dog very much but we still don't have the guts to take one, that's some of the reason why she want to try to be a petsitter.

Bottomline, please let me know if you guyz in need of this service. Just contact me and i will be happy to forward you to my wife.


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Hi Do you still offer the pet


Do you still offer the pet care service?

I'm going on vacation for 3 weeks in August.. I could leave my dog to my roommates, but they might want to travel as well

He's a very nice dog, does not bite and does not pee inside the house

If you're not available, could you recommend someone who is?

Thanks a lot!

Announcement : For you that

Announcement :

For you that send me a private message. I'm really sorry if I'm not responding quickly. It's very weird that all of SZ party messages goes to my spam inbox and I just realized it now.

There's several messages from December 2010 that I ignored. Sorry for those that sent me and I ignored it.

Anyway, just to inform that my wife still accepting pet to take care. She still wants to be pet sitter, therefore please don't hesitate to contact me directly at [email protected] or +86 135 10 200 467 (Wenny)



Updated status : We will be

Updated status :

We will be unavailable during Sept 24- Oct 7,2010 as I will fly to California during that time.

Pls re-schedule with me if you need our help.


Hi again, we are now opening

Hi again,

we are now opening again for everyone need a pet sitter !!

Feels free to contact me


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