Anyone know a good doctor?

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this question has probably been asked lots of times...but here goes again. does anyone know of a western doctor in shenzhen? (aside from the SOS service) Just for basic stuff like Hep B injections, cold and flus etc.

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Hi is it possible to get ua

Hi is it possible to get ua contacts?

Beijing/Peking University

Beijing/Peking University Hospital.

I was there awhile back ago and on their display board of all the doctors, I noticed several who went to school in the USA, to include two from Ohio State University.

hope this is not too late

hope this is not too late for anyone who needs an english-speaking doctor.i just arrived shenzhen and work as a doctor here.

thanks for the advice, at

thanks for the advice, at least we will have some idea of what to expect when we go. I have a valid visa to come & go. It would be great to know of a doctor closer to the HK-SZ border. Mine is in Central...a long way to go if you're not feeling well.
I have a stockpile of various medicine with me, but it's good to be prepared.

Do you have a visa for

Do you have a visa for coming and going to Hong Kong?
I can give you plenty of suggestions for medical there eg Lok Ma Chau station, just across the border. Also read the US Consulate website advice on doctors and hospitals in China.

Many medications ( eg antibiotics) you can just buy at local pharmacies but you need to get your usual doctor to specify name and quantity for correct dosage.

If you were going to get an injection here I would buy the syringe and dosage yourself at a pharmacy, then you know it is a new syringe.

A Chinese friend told me that when she took her father to a very good hospital in Shenzhen she had to go and buy all necessary medicine herself.

Also in an emergency for hospital treatment you need to pay upfront, so you need a reserve of cash.

I think if you are living here you need to know ahead which hospital you would go to in an emergency and check it out ahead eg VIP ward arrangements as suggested by the US Consulate. In addition I suggest erring on the side of being very careful looking after your health and bringing all prescription medicines with you when you arrive in Shenzhen or calling or emailing your home doctor for advice on medicines.

Apart from SOS, there are other nationality's doctors here eg Japanese but I am not sure of their English.

Oh....noted. Maybe someone

Oh....noted. Maybe someone can help.

thanks for your reply. I

thanks for your reply. I have Chinese friends and colleagues that can come with me to the doctor. I was trying to find an English speaking doctor. Nothing ike knowing what's being said and done to you first hand!


PEKING UNIVERSITY SHENZHEN HOSPTIAL..i need to go there everyweek. if you need help, contact me.

see you.

seems that it couldnt have a

seems that it couldnt have a western doctor you could find a chinese friend who can speak chinese to halp you ..............and i glad to help you

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