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Anyone know of any good gyms around Shekou?

I'm looking for a good gym around Shekou. Anyone know of any?

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cali, where in futian?? is

cali, where in futian?? is Paradiso close to a subway station? Which one and is that basketball court indoor??? can you purchase a yearly membership? Let me know:)

I go to this gym in Futian

I go to this gym in Futian at Paradiso. They've got around 20 stairmasters, treadmills, various bench presses, dumbbells and universal. The place is VERY clean and VERY quiet. I work out there in the afternoons by myself most of the time. It costs $1400 RMB for 20 passes. It also includes shower facilities and basketball.

I remember walking into a real dirty gym with topless guys sweating all over the place. That costs $580 RMB / year. You get what you pay for there. Nastier than 24 hour fitness and I hate 24 hour fitness.

there is a good dym around

there is a good dym around shekou can go there and consult.good luck

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