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anyone can reccomend decent Vet with pet sitting service or pet sitting service provider?

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Is there anyone who can recomend a Vet that provides decent pet sitting?

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Hi, We are available again to


We are available again to do the pet sitter as from Sept 10th, 2010 until end of year. So if there's somebody need pet sitter please do not hesitate to contact me !!


Great ! it's

Great !

it's or my wife's email is

looking forward to hear from you soon


Hello, it is nice to hear

Hello, it is nice to hear from you, could you please give me your email address.

Hi, Do you find a vet already


Do you find a vet already ? Where do you live ? I live in Futian, around Huaqiang bei road area.

We will relocating to Shenzhen end of this week

Me and my wife loves dog very much, especially my wife. And if you
like, you can take your dog to my home everyday when you need a Vet.

My wife mostly on home and looking for a time killer, so i think she
will be very happy if she can have a part time job as a pet sitter. She
worked on some Dog rescue organization sometime ago as a volunteer in
HK. In regards of her experience, she used to have more than 3 dogs in
her home in our home country, we loves dog but still don't have the
guts to take ones

Regarding the charges, just give us decent amount that you think
worthed. Not a big problem as long my wife and you happy (of course the
dog too (-:

pls let me know how do you think, and what race is your dog ?


Yes i know, but what i mean

Yes i know, but what i mean by decent is the one that really takes good care of dog while you are away. We had expirience in the past but i was not satisfied since i found my dog hungry when i took him back home, the room where they keep the dogs very hot and stinky.... I also visited some in Shekou but also found the room are very hot with no air conditioners and smelly...

here in shekou theres a lot

here in shekou theres a lot of pet hospital here.

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