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Anybody out there?

Hey everybody! I'm an American, new to Shenzhen, and I'm looking to make some friends and hang out. I've definitely browsed all over this site and others, but how about a little personalized input here? Where are the best places to meet people? Not just SEE people, but MEET people. Let me know, I'd love to hear from you!

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Jeff I go to Shenzhen all


I go to Shenzhen all the time to buy things for my wife's store here in Philippines. Any suggestions on places for an older guy to go and relax for a drink. Prefer being around professionals in a nice environment.

See you are from Fremont, as I am originally from san Francisco area.

[email protected]

PS. If you're interested in

If you're interested in Fresh-Pressed Frenchfries for 6 RMB, Real Coke, Burgers starting at 14RMB and the Cowboy Double or Steak Sandwitch for 18RMB, I think you'll like my place here.
We're also probably the only place in China where you can order a Moca Cappuccino and really taste the chocolate. We make our own moca fresh from Real Cocao imported from Switzerland, and still only charge 18 for the regular Cappuccino, and 24 for the Moca Cappuccino.
Send all your friends here if you like it and we'll be able to stick around.. I noticed we seem to only attract westernized people, and there are few here. If the people only tasted the difference between us the pseudo-western food served by K and Mc, I think they would make the change...Our prices are the same, and the food is fresh, but old habits are hard to change.
The Cowboy

Howdy! The store faces east

Howdy! The store faces east and south, as it is located on the south-east corner of the Nantang shopping/business commercial square A165.
It's located on the other end of the building just east from the new McDonalds that just opened: Also, East of Club Chocolate, and just a bit southward. If you cross the small North-South street eastward, there is a small park. If you were standing accross the main street in front of the Crown Plaza looking into the Dongman shopping area, you'll see our sign. Our phone number is 0755-82383123. Ask for Toni or David for English.

Hi Scott. It's too cold now

Hi Scott. It's too cold now but when the weather is fine the best place to go are the bars at Coco Park on Fu Hua Road east of Xin Zhou Expressway. The other place is Jusco opposite of the old Government place, on Shennan Blvd. But it's too cold and damp today. I came to Shenzhen 16 years ago and I've also lived in Fremont, California for two and a half years.

hey cowboy, could you supply

hey cowboy, could you supply us with an actual address, i mean there are alot of streets in dongmen near club chocolate. if the food its good ill come by most days, as i work near there also.
[Wowzers Batman]
[email protected]

Hi there, Well, while your

Hi there,
Well, while your in Shenzhen, stop by my resturaunt...Cowboys Coffee & The Buffalo Grill.
I'm from the US and wanted a real burger, steak sandwitch and real fries....not like MC d's, so A friend of mine started the business, and I designed the burgers and menu... We're near Club Chocolate... just down the street.
Take care, enjoy your stay.

hey there! go to the

hey there! go to the seaworld in shekou is a good idea for meet people, and if you have any hobby you can search online and contact,johin them, it's another way to meet friends too,
well,drop me a line, if you wanna kill the time in shenzhen, [email protected]

i'll be here for another

i'll be here for another week or so but if you got time to kill give me a shout....i don't remember my number but send me yours and i can call u or [email protected] later dude

Hi join our group if you

Hi join our group if you don't mind hanging out with professionals in their 30s and a couple of young girls. We are going to Partyworld tonight. Give me a call at 13530887694 the name is jeff.

Your requirement

Dear Sir,

Just happened to read your requirment that you want to meet some people here and make them as freinds. I would like to introduce one place , English Corner, which is held every Sunday from 7:00pm to 9:30pm at Book-city building, Shennan Road, Luohu District. There are many young people who enjoy them trying to have chat with Foreingners in English as well as some original English-speaking people attend the activities, too. Besides, there are several organs like this in Shenzhen. You may get to know most of them if you join them once, people would be much enjoying to help you for these information.

Hope these would be helpful to you and wish you have happy stay in Shenzhen.

Kind regards,

hi i'am ah fang ,you can go

hi i'am ah fang ,you can go to U bar at luohu district ,near tai pin yang building . there have a lot of foreign guys and drinks are very cheep , girls are easy but some ask for $$$$$$$$.best to go Thursday,Friday or Saturday.

shekou is the most popular place ,is in nanshan district,good if you want see live music or girl bars $$$$$

take care and enjoy china :)

if ur in luo hu .....

depends on which district....if u live in nan shan district in she kou u wont have trouble meeting foreigners as they are everywhere on the streets...

if u r in luo hu ..mixc's star bucks is a popular place...


idear to share

I have been in Shenzhen for four years, and welcome to check at [email protected]

Where to meet people

I have found that the best place to meet people during the day is LiChee Park. Especially on Sunday, there are people who go there to practice English.

LiChee Park is North of Shennan Boulevard between SEG and Di Wang Da Xia. I think the cross street is Hong Li. There is a large sign there showing Deng Xiao Ping.

There is a pavilion overhanging the lake that has many visitors. Look for a crowd of people and have fun meeting people!

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