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any computer markets in Sherkou?

anybody know where i could find a computer market in sherkou, with computer parts?

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[email protected]

my e-mail is

my e-mail is [email protected] i just call to you about the market of computer

please send your direct e-mail add




HELLO !! 我打過你電話幾次, 但都是沒人聽的.....

可以留你的手提電話嗎 ? OR 你發短訊給我吧 13028885788 - JOE 周生

HI, Ciao, Petr, i can help

HI, Ciao, Petr,

i can help you to do that !!

can u call my mobile ?
打我電話吧 - 13028885788 , 你可以先發短訊給我 !!

This has got to be a trick

This has got to be a trick question!
I find the best place to buy computers is Gome, Huaqiang Bei Lu, 2nd fl. Others will sell to you but Gome will install English operating systems (fake, of course) without extracting your fingernails first.
Let me put in a particular brickbat for Sam's Club who will ALWAYS think of a good bureaucratic reason for not taking your money. Don't shop there unless your blood pressure is under medical supervision!


HELLO !! 我打過你電話幾次, 但都是沒人聽的.....

可以留你的手提電話嗎 ? OR 你發短訊給我吧 13028885788 - JOE 周生

I live in Shenzhen and

I live in Shenzhen and commute to Hong Kong whenever I find it necessary to do so. I have a vintage iMac, the earliest model with a CD tray. HDD is gone and need to replace with an ATA drive. How much do you charge? iMac is in Hong Kong, and I want to make it a working machine and give it away. Quote if you will.

I know people in the pre-press and print business who oncr in a while will require technical assistance on the Mac. I wonder if I could be of help. You may leave me an email or call me at +86 755 8246 9677. Be ready to speak Putonghua, should I not be around my household.

Better yet, leave a message in Chinese on my email.

Ciao, Petr

Apple MAC machine repair

hey ! apple GUYS - whatever out wannarty apple MACHINE or machine water goes [email protected]@ u can find me!! i can provide onsite service(but i am living HK and i need to take a nighttime to do that) >>> Imac; power mac; Mac Pro; Mac Mini; macbook; powerbook; macbook Pro; inter BASE or G5 also can fix it, provide windows system installation on MAC. I speak fluent English, mandrian & cantonese.I am working at Hong Kong Apple ASP Repair center.i have 3 EXP in this Company. also I have apple TECH Certified Professional letter.

alright , just call me CHINA - 13028885788 & HongKong - 90997613 - JOE , but i suggest all guys SMS me first , cause for record list.

make new friend ..and

make new friend ..and exchange eachother life experice and culture .

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