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agent for teachres "Eva or Hehao" hired maffia to assualt teachers. know your agent well

I have recently gotten a new job in shenzhen. I used and agent named Eva from this site. her profile name on shenzhen party is hehao. she had broken her contract with me so i stopped making my payments to her. i paid her a total of 2000 rmb. according to her contract i was shorted 7000 rmb in the first 3 months. so i had explained to her that she owes me money i will not continue to pay her. i heard nothing for a few months. one day she was waiting outside my school. she physically assualted me. she demanded money i said ok if i get the money she owed me then i would pay her the money i was supposed to give to her. she then tried to assualt the principle of the school. they had security escort her off the property. the priciple was nice enough to try and help her. he had asked to see the contract and try to work it out. she agreed and printed up a contract that was all chinese and no english, it also had no signatures or a stamp. so they said they want a signed contract. she could not provide it. all was quiet for a month. 2 days ago i was approach by some thugs on my walk to the school, they tried to drag me into a van. i managed to get away, i did not know who they were. when i arrived at school i had explained what had happened. The next thing i know the agent was in my office with the gangsters she had hired to collect the 3000 rmb i should of paid if the contract was not broken. since i was shorted 7000 on my pay i feel she should right off the 3000 she is asking for and pay me the remaining 4000 rmb. we had to get many police involved. she had told the maffia i beat her sensless last time she had seen me. and she had told them she wants 400% interest for a total of 15,000 or something stupid like that. i am awaiting another visit from the maffia monday. i advise anyone looking for a job to make sure they will not use this agent. she is very crazy and does not honour the contract she writes. this is one women who should of been aborted at birth.

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Eva hired the mafia and 

Eva hired the mafia and  tried to make me be a prostitute for her. She also wanted me bring drugs in from Poland.     She around 45 and has very bad skin on her hands and look like michael jackson.   her chinese name is hae hou (i think).  she lives above KFC in bai shi zhou.


this is the joshua that china

this is the joshua that china shark mentioned and i now have fucking horrible stories which are not just my own. me for example i was 19 when i was working for her and she told me i was earning 9000 because i was underage when i the kndergarden was actually giving her 11000. i found this out because she told me the sdhool dropped me for a cheaper teacher so the school could buy a school bus. then they rang me and asked why i left and if i wanted more then the 11000 i was unknowingly getting. i said yes please straight away as long as eva had nothing to do with it this time. now i should mention i was renting a flat from her too which i swear was overpriced, but that night she came in told me she couldn't pay the rent so i had to leave which i knew was a lie because what the fuck had she done wih the last rent money i paid. but she moved me out that night with no prior warning and i was low on cash because i'd not been paid my last month because of her bullshit bus story. so 19, low on cash, on the street with no money because of her. if my chinese gf hadn't of helped i really would have been screwed.  also a filopino at my new work told eva they'd give her half of thier first pay to her if eva found them a job quickly, the following month eva tried to demand half the pay again but i'm glad to say she got nothing from my friend. and last thing, eva wouldn't pay anna unless anna found somone to do the same job for 70% of what she paid anna which ended up being the josh from canada. chinashark can confirm that josh took  annas job. eva is the only person i've ever met that i've really wanted dead without overexadurating.(please comment anything you know on eva no more about how to get jobs. szparty can be used for that)

Any one got a Photo of

Any one got a Photo of Eva!!!!!!

Used Eva before, never

Used Eva before, never again.  She is nasty and will not explain that she is taking a considerable sum out of your pay with no way to get any sort of visa from her.  I got out of there extra quick.  She is married to this old guy who works at Cartoon City MaRong Kindergarten and it's an ongoing joke that she married him for the money.  Many people have heard her talking about that they have an agreement that when he died she will keep the money he has but by the look of this guy he's probably spent it all on booze - We call him the COWBOY!

Dear Friends , I am Chinese ,

Dear Friends ,

I am Chinese , i also know about this Eva . She is one fat women . Maybe live with one foreigner .She also cheated my friend two or three years ago . My suggest is that we post her photo here . So every person will know her and then will no trust her.

Met this skank first month I

Met this skank first month I moved   here 20 months ago. One of the sleaziest operators I ever met. Went to my interview with my exgirlfriend to translate. She had this contract that was completely unfair and she starts telling me who wonderful it can be working for her. I already had a contract from my first employer here so I kept on pointing out discrepencies and she just kept up with the hard sell. This woman was shifty, dirty, could have been a drug addict I suppose.  Never accepted work from here, bad vibes that she is not trustworthy. Her thing is getting people who just arrived in China and don't have jobs secured yet. She preys on desperation. I personally know a Polish girl named Anna, a British guy named Joshua, and a Canadian guy named Josh that worked for this snake in the grass. Actually cheated my friend Anna out of her last pay.

Thanks , 

Thanks ,  do_not_trust_eva(at)hotmail .com   I contacted thet school direct and i got the job,  i was going to go with eva but after your advice NO WAY, she just looks crazy when you meet her,  she is a drugy for sure white powder roung her nose, lol    

every one should write a

every one should write a letter to china daily and any other english paper and get something published   if we all do this we can make eva become history!!!!!  i will ring the british news papers and see if they would be intrested,    do_not_trust_eva(at)hotmail .com


How to find a job!!! 1 Go to

How to find a job!!!

1 Go to a bar.

2 Speak to english people.

3 Ask them where they work.

4 And have a good night knowing you have advice from someone reliable and dance the night away   ,    and eva loses some money that is the best [email protected]!!!!!!

Well, iwilldoityesterday, if

Well, iwilldoityesterday, if we are being picky, I find 20 errors of grammar and punctuation in your piece.

Motes and beams, motes and beams.

lol, i m not impressed with

lol, i m not impressed with the overall level of english here!!! both grammar and spelling are making me smile! And some of you are natives? please do me a favour, Principle or principal? and joe82, if you write "so far i DIDNT HAVE a problem", the use of the past simple implies that the situation is not actual anymore and that therefore you may have had some issues of late. well, the whole sentence is wrong lol.

most agents are just greedy bast****. i agree with trying to look for a job on one's own but i also understand that most newcomers wouldnt quite know how to go about it unless they ve been on the road for a while.  i ve been travelling for 16 years, lived in eight countries, always did everything by myself.

Experience has taught me to distrust most people (and trust me i m naive lol), to always ask for directions to three different people and i always get information from three distinct sources when trying to check something so before you use an agent, see if you can get anyone to tell you about them (and follow the rule of three).

Remember we are foreigners, they assume we are rich, weak and naive. Make a stand, if you need help, post a distress call here and some of us will come help you. Indifference kills, do not turn your back on others, even if it may cause you harm! if we all gave a **** the world would be a better place!


hello everyone! i have to say

hello everyone! i have to say that i am currently work for her and so far i didnt have a problem .this is china man! thing work different ,but still understand you !  good luck

Jobs  kindergarten, contacts,

Jobs  kindergarten, contacts, Shenzhen    
If any one would like to know of schools or phone number of employers in Shenzhen (for free) send me a email and I will send you some phone numbers so you can contact the schools direct (no Eva),  (no mafia) you will keep all your wages just like back in America, send me a email and I can put you in contact with teachers, school and tell you about areas where there are many schools and you go your self and save paying the agent!!!

 (do_not_trust_eva   at  hotmail  com) My email address.  good luck    

Best way to find a job is to

Best way to find a job is to ask any teacher where they work and if they know any schools!!!!!     it is freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Eva is a very bad person, she

Eva is a very bad person, she has a criminal record going back 30 years. How do you think she knows the mafia, I worked for her she never paid me and there is nothing i can do!!!

sounds like an "Eva, I used

sounds like an "Eva, I used to know.
If it's the same one, then I would say she is getting quite a reputation for being nasty.
By the way if your an English Teacher, you might want to double check your spelling "maffia" is in actual fact spelt "mafia"....just thought I would clear that up!

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