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Advice to form consulting company

I would like some advice about starting up a Consulting company to the oil and gas industry. My wife is Chinese national.

What steps are necessary to register a company, and what are drawbacks? Can I issue my own work permit using the company?

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I don't think you will be

I don't think you will be able to set it up as an oil and gas consulting company, as energy is a regulated industry in China which doesn't allow foreign players. Simply establish it as a business consulting WFOE. You can do this either directly under your own name, or by first establishing a Hong Kong holding company.
I have a business partner (a Chinese lawyer) in Shenzhen who has helped set up tens of such companies in Shenzhen. Send me a message if you need her contact details.
Good luck,

If you want, I can sell you

If you want, I can sell you my consulting company. We have a wide range of businesses for this domestically register company that is in my wife's name.

I plan on returning the the US so I wouldn't mind selling it.

You can reach me any time.



nowsdays it is very simple

nowsdays it is very simple step to setup foreign own consultant company in China. Can do it quite easy, only you need to have a accounting firm maintain you book in monthly basic.

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