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Accessing the Internet In Shenzhen

After 3 weeks of slow access things don't seem to be back to normal with that earthquake. Please post your tips with how you are coping and how the access is in your area compared to others. I began having really slow access through Top Way in the Futian free trade zone to servers in Shenzhen, around Jan 17th. I finally called them on Friday and they told me to wait a couple days. I think my home access has sped up a little bit since then but is still not as fast as it used to be. People on China Telecom ADSL have told me that their access has been much better recently. I have been going to the Four Points by Sheraton, Starbucks and Focaccino and thier access has been ok. Shekou still seems to be slower than the rest of the city but it had been like that for me before the earthquake. Please follow up with your experiences.

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