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Above and beyond at first class, do u think the crowd will be good?

Hi hi...

Is any 1 go for the party of above and beyond at f1rst clazz tis coming SaturDay?? Juz wondering is that any drink included for the cover charge of RMB80, wat dO u think? I like rave alot but i dun hav my rave buddies here, juz think of whether can join together if there is a group who love rave too on that nite? Cheerssss

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can i get the free ticket

can i get the free ticket tonight?? seems like little bit late..

my cell no# (852) 68280419 (hong kong)

Thanks first for the free

Thanks first for the free tickets, i wish to have the free tickets.. my contact nymber is 139-2464 2465, look forward for your call...thanks!! I will bring two of my friends along too...will ur guz be thr oso?? hope to see u guz 13 hours later thr and enjoy the music & crowd together!! cheers!!

Yes, pls and thankS thanks

Yes, pls and thankS thanks thanx! my contact number is 139 - 2464 2465 or 2518 9330 (ext:615), look forward for ur call...

First Class events are

First Class events are Generally very big and good quality entertainment. We have 20 free tickets. Email us if you are interested with your phone number and we will get back to you.

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