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3D bar opens its 3rd Dimension

On my last Visit to 3D bar in Jusco Futian (中心广场)I was talking to the Bar manager Amy and she was telling us that our beloved 3D Bar is opening a 3rd Location.

The Third Location is in the new complex at called Poly centre in Nanshan.

For the 3D lovers already out there, and for any future ones who like the place but find it inconvenient because their main bar is in Futian, I have below listed the current two locations and also added their new 3rd Dimension. The bar wont open until mid to end January, just in time for Chinese new year drinking!

For those people who have not yet been to a 3D establishment, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING? Just kidding, 3D is, in my eyes, one of the drinking holes, it even comes close to being a "Pub", The staff will remember you, they open a beer when yours is empty, they ask if you want more, they offer food. All with a smile. They offer good Happy hours of buy 2 beers get one free, and also have kegs for good prices, and buckets for good prices all night.

So I hope everyone out there looking for a new "Pub" or "Drinking hole" will give the owner CK a chance and patron his newly opening establishment.

Current Liver Bustering Locations.
Add ; B block bar street citic Square 1039 Shen Nan Zhong Rd
Tel ; 0755-25986011
电话 ; 0755-25986011

Add ; Number 11 European Bar Street Window Of The World
Tel ; 0755-25986011
华侨城; 世界之窗欧陆风情酒吧街11号
电话 ; 0755-26901559

Coming soon to a Liver near you.
Add ; Number 17 Block A Pole Center Nan Shan

Good drinking boys and girls
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All those bars at Window of

All those bars at Window of the World are kinda dead. Maybe when they finish construction there(construction never seems to end in China) and that Mall across te street opens, people will frequent that Europe Bar Street more often. Also, the new 3D opening in the polycenter is not the only one. It is a full on little bar street. I also noticed Bar Leo there opening and a few others who's names I've forgotten. Also, my friends are looking to open up a bar there too.


Gregg Vincent

[email protected]

Was at 3D bar "Window of World" Sunday night, I was the only customer. Whats wrong don't people want to travel, this place is very close to the Metro station, very good decoration, friendly staff (as with all 3D bars) and the owner has put a lot of thought into the design.

Go on boys and girls give it a try, deserves are support a lot more than other mediocre watering holes around Shenzhen.

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