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2 expats to marry in Shenzhen

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Does anyone have any experience in this? All I know is we're to get marriage avidavits from our embassies in GZ. But mine said Shenzhen city might ask for different documentation. So what, we just get our avidavits and apply for marriage registration? Any ideas about the price to apply and register? And, haha, anyone know where the office is?
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I am planning to marry

I am planning to marry latter this year I was told I need a singles document as well as my divorce documents.

We both need to go to her home town and register to marry then we need to marry in a registry office in her home town under chinese law (very unromantic and impersonal I think) I thought about HK but was told because HK is again apart of China she can not marry there the Embassy can not marry people in China Also so there is only two choices that I can see marry in her home town registry office or go some where real romantic to marry like Thailand 1500 rmb is cheap


contact the british

contact the british consulate, 2 foreigners can get married in China - they have a document with the details. The nearest consulate is in Guangzhou

Hi. I was told categorically


I was told categorically that two expats cannot marry in China. The only ones I know who have were married in an embassy (like a Spaniard and her husband from Cameroon in the Spanish embassy in Beijing).

So my wife and I (Filipina and American) went to Hong Kong. Piece of cake. One trip to register and pay the fee, another trip three weeks later for the ceremony, et voila! We are husband and wife.

Check the US Dept of State (useful even if neither of you is American) at
and the HK government site

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