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18 months of traffic woes ahead 2007-12-13

18 months of traffic woes ahead

SHENZHEN will see about 18 months of serious traffic congestion starting from the end of this year, caused by the construction of five Metro lines in five districts.

A total of 150 construction sites will be seen around the city along the planned Metro lines, affecting traffic on 24 main roads and at 37 intersections within the Special Economic Zone, according to a government announcement published in Chinese-language newspapers yesterday.

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I think we should worry

I think we should worry about it, If the intersection at the western end of Dongmen was an indication, then it is going to be really bad.I think the best bet, is to take the MTR when possible and if not buy good walking shoes! [Wowzers Batman]

I wonder how seriously we

I wonder how seriously we should take this. Does the Shenzhen government normally warn about things like this? Or does it mean it's going to be really bad, if they admit a problem is coming up?

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